Myth of Empires | Complete Guilds Guide

This is a complete Myth of Empires Guild guide. I’m going to teach you about all the guild skills, what to go for, what not to go for, what to concentrate on, how you actually unlock them to give you a better idea of how to actually set this out.

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Myth Of Empires Complete Guilds Guide

This will be a complete guilds guide for MoE that consists of various aspects of a guild, including ways to increase Guild Skills bonuses. keep reading for the entire information.

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Myth of Empires Guild Skills

Right so let’s get straight into the guild skills. Now you’ve got four tabs along the top. You’ve got battle, production, command, and internal affairs.

That’ll help with your weapon durability loss, and your weapon damage, it will help with heavy Armor defense bonuses, durability loss, siege damage, and durability loss on siege weapons.

It’s all about how much damage you can do and how long your weapon and Armor will actually last whilst using it in battle.

Battle & Guild Level

Now on the first line, you can only get up to a certain level and that level pretty much coincides with the guild level. So suppose, your guild activity point size is currently 1.27 million.

You need 9 million to get to level 7. Now usually if you’re a leader or an advisor there will be a plus symbol in your guild and you basically just pull the slider along as to how many guild activity points you want to put in there.

And you’ll have to fill it up to the point where it says 9.4 million for up to guild level 7. Now every time you level up the guild level to 7, you can put another point in the durability.


Now the durability is massively important because you go through weapons like, they’re just I don’t know, there’s something wrong with the durability.  I don’t like how the durability works because I’m going through five weapons, just clearing out one camp, etc. even though I’m at 750 in my weapon skill.

With all of the durability bonuses that we got, I still go through countless numbers of weapons, so this is definitely an important one to have. And this will go across for one-handed, for polearm, for two-handed, bow and crossbow.

PvP Vs. PvE

You also have the damage across there, which you want to keep up as much as you can. Sitting at about 50 is okay for the moment, especially for the smaller guild. So work towards that 50, to be able to get the 50 in the heavy Armor defense and the light Armor defense is a feat in itself. 

Though you shouldn’t really be using a light Armor when you’re on a PvP server. You should really only be using that on PvE. If you fancy using it, heavy Armor is just better all around.

Especially if you’re gonna be running around everywhere on a horse it’s just better to have the heavy Armor. You’ll last longer against NPCs, you’ll last longer against actual players. It’s just better all around in my opinion.

Physical Fitness

Now the reason why you want to put as many points as you can in the light Armor expertise, even though it’s not really that good and you’re not really using it as much as the heavy armor, is because of the physical fitness.

Physical fitness will increase the max HP of all the players in the guild. Now all of these buffs will apply to everyone who is in your guild whether they’re a member or a lord. They will apply across the board. Getting this physical fitness for your max HP up is massively important.

Weapon Level

Having all your weapons up at least to 50 is quite valuable. You have to keep them all around the same level because it requires you to have one-handed, polearm, and two-handed to unlock these three.

And it will require you to have the same level in all three of these to be able to get the next level up and max that out. So you’ll need 50 in one hand, 50 in pole arm and 50 in two-handed to be able to get 50 in heavy Armor expertise.

Throwing Weapons

The same goes for your throwing weapons. You’ll need 50 in throwing bow and crossbow to be able to unlock 50 in light Armor and to be able to unlock 50 in physical fitness. It works down the actual page.

Now the most important ones on the Battle page are the durability of your main weapons, weapon damage, your physical fitness, your heavy Armor defence, increasing your heavy Armor durability, siege damage, rescue the wounded, which allows you to take less amount of time to bring someone up when they’ve been knocked down.

And if you want to do the current meta cheese mechanics: horse charge damage, where you just press X to couch your lance and go just bang! You hit them for stupid amounts of damage especially on their horses, if you have a high hunting skill.

Production Tab

Now next up we have the production tab. Now the first four on the left hand side, these are gathering amount. These are quite important at the beginning and early game and much built more later on because you’ll be getting a lot less from the nodes when you get to endgame.

So having these quite high is vitally important. The agriculture prowess isn’t really massively important and on this, there’s only going to be one or two people in the guild.

So focus on the hunting prowess, lumbering prowess and mining prowess to be able to get more gathering from mining nodes, trees, stones, all that kind of stuff. And the hunting prowess will be getting your hide and your tendons and your fangs etc. from animals.

Crafting Items

Now the weapon master and Armor master are really important for PvP servers and also a little bit for PvE, but more importantly for PvP servers. These will raise the durability percentage and how much durability you will actually make when crafting the weapon.

So when your crafter goes into craft, these bonuses will go on top of the durability amount that you have. If your crafter can craft 5000 durability which is really low, this bonus will go on top of that 5 000 durability.

So you’ll get 27% extra durability on the crafted iron and it will also increase the efficiency of crafting which is essentially how quickly you craft the items. So these both are massively important.

Building Master

Building master is another one that will add durability to people that are laying down the actual item.

It’s not when you craft the building. When you craft a building it’s just a set standard, it’s just a bit of wall. There’s no stats to it.

It’s the person who places down the building itself that affects the durability and this one will affect the durability and how quickly you craft.

On the next line you have the granary outputs etc. Now there is a cheesy stupid way of getting a stupid amount of resources of your required type out of the guild collection points.

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That’ll be something that I might do in another guide because personally I believe it’s a massive exploit and it shouldn’t be used. So I may not do a guide on that, but it is out there if you would like to check it personally.

Medicine Master

Now medicine master can be important, but for me the medicine in the game isn’t really that good. Even with the high level stuff you’re looking at really a lot of really rare resources to craft these medicine.

And those medicines aren’t that good especially when you’re sitting there with stupid amounts of physique and you’ve got really high HP. You’re into sitting there at 4 or 5k and you’re only getting 50 HP a second for 30 seconds.

It’s kind of silly to me. It needs to be a little bit higher with the sort of number of HP that people have. It’s just that medicine isn’t really worth it.

It can be in 1v1 situations, but if you’re in a big ol’ war sticking that on, it really doesn’t help. When you’re hitting or getting hit for like 500 to 1500 damage, it’s just not really good in my eyes.

Upgrading Shop

The other ones in here you’re looking at is, upgrading the shop to unlock more items in the guild shop. This is a good one to actually unlock. The guild depot capacity, if that’s what you’re using to give out gear to your players.

Now a lot of guilds don’t really do that, but it is something that can be done and it is there. The amount of guild depth of buildings you can pass down.

Command Line

Next up we have the command line. Now the command line is for your warriors and horses. Now these can be upgraded to increase the rate of obedience gain.

So you can actually recruit staff quicker and the taming powers which will raise their obedience gain which helps to tame horses, rhinos and elephants quicker.

Invincible Soldier

Then there’s invincible soldier where you’ll get more XP. So if you’re sticking them on a dummy etc. they’ll get more XP for doing them. More XP, for killing things, more XP, from every time they eat food.

Warriors HP and Rapid March

Then you have the warriors HP and you have rapid march. It decreases the cross server teleport cooldown. This can be okay but it’s like not really important.

It’s not massively important because unless you can get it right up to level 90, it’s not really worth it. Its going to take many of us like, one or two minutes at the lower levels and it goes up every 10 seconds every time you put a point in there.

So at the moment it’s not a big deal to be able to get this done but later on, if you’re going to be jumping over service, doing PvP etc it’s definitely going to be important.

Max Member Count

And then you have the max member count. Now every point you put in this gives you two extra guild members. But on this line I’d be focusing on the taming prowess and the recruiting prowess. Increasing the warriors max HP is another really important one on the command line.

Internal Affairs

Now lastly we have internal affairs. These are the boundary marker collective resource limits. So the more you can actually put in there to sell and the amount you can actually sell to it, the better.

These are massively important for your daily resource selling. The higher these are, the more copper coins you can make.

Just by selling coal, selling resins, selling the actual NPC items that you’ve got an abundance of, can get you copper coins back in the boundary marker. These two are really important to keep really high.

Honour Point Gain

We have the honour point gain, which helps you level up to vi count, to baron etc. These give you set percentages for your stats.

So these are very important to make sure you go up there because it goes on top of it’s multiplicative. So every time you have your base amount of HP and you get a 15% bonus for having your nobility higher.

You’re gonna have more HP the more base you have. Its very important to have high honour and actually pay in the coins and upgrade.

Increasingly Dormant, Rise Step By Step & Good Weather

Now we have increasingly dominant, which is your protection time, which actually goes and adds more hours to how long you can be protected for and where people can’t damage you.

Next up we have the increase the boundary markers max level, rise step by step. This allows you to make your boundary much larger. Every time you upgrade it your boundary widens for your decay and your protection area of influence.

We have good weather which increases the boundary marker blessing effect, which gives you more percentage when you’re doing each blessing.

Family Business

Then we have family business. Not many people get to it, but every guild has a certain amount of limit to how many buildings they can place down.

This will actually up the amount of things you can place down and it gets up pretty high. You don’t really need to up this too much unless you’ve got the absolutely biggest base on the planet.

So when you go over a certain limit for the guild, it costs more to actually set the decay every week. It also costs more to actually set your protection time the more you are over the guild limit.

So when you put this up and the guild limit goes up, your actual cost of decay will go down and the cost of the protection will go down.

Expand Territory

And the expand territory. You can level this twice and you’ll get three boundary markers if you’ve got a big area to cover. You can put multiple boundary markers down.

Or if you’ve got one base up in the northwest, one in the southwest and another elsewhere, you can jump between the three different bases. For that purpose this is one that you want to get and you can have a maximum of three.


In my personal opinion you’re gonna be wanting to level up your battle and production. If you’re not having an abundance of copper coins just concentrate on these two.

These two will come and you can get them as they come and there’s certain ones in there you don’t really need. We don’t even set a protection timer most of the time.

The command is not massively important. Just getting your production up, getting your durability and your weapon damage up, your HP and your heavy Armor durability and the amount of defence that it gives, are massively important. So make sure to go for them first.

As always this is just my opinion. Fighting on a PvP server, you need to have those skills up, to be able to compete with the other guilds. And so that is basically all the guild skills. We’ve gone through all of them, what they do, which ones are important, which ones you can skip.

And I hope this was able to help you. Guys remember, if you’d like to suggest a guide for the next guide you can put in suggestions and we’ll get those guides out there for you.

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