Myth of Empires – How To Tame A Rhino/Elephant

Welcome to this Myth of Empires Guide on how to tame a Rhino. You can also use the same methods to tame an Elephant also. There are some requirements to get this guide working which I will discuss further.

You will also need some points in your skills so make sure you are levelled up enough to initiate this task in the first place. Having that out of the way, let’s take a look at how to do this in the game.

how to tame a rhino in myth of empires

Myth of Empires – How To Tame A Rhino/Elephant

Before showing you how to actually tame a rhino there are some requirements and levels you need to meet to initiate this task in the first place. Let’s take a look at the first of them.

Taming a Rhino – What Do You Need↓

The first and foremost thing you require is a cage to keep the Rhino in. Otherwise, you can spend hours continuous knocking the rhino down and refeeding it with the fodder it dropped.

You would also need to build the animal cage door to hold the animal. To put in the points for the cage and the doors:

  • Go to crafting and recipes
  • Select the Carrying tab. (The last tab)
  • You should see Giant Animal Cage at Level 50.
  • You need Slab, Defensive Wall Masonry, and Twine to build the giant animal cage

How To Tame a Rhino/Elephant↓

You can usually find a Rhino near the water basins downwards on the map. They come there to drink water from these water bodies. You need to agitate it to chase you all the way to the animal cage. First:

  • Build the cage and keep the entry gate open
  • Make the Rhino chase you up to the cage
  • You will enter the cage first and let the Rhino enter behind you.
  • Once he is inside, you should knock him out to make him unconscious.
  • Close the door after that and you would have successfully captured/Tamed the Rhino!

The same method also applies to Elephants as well so I will not explain that part separately. You should get a good idea about that from this method. Do not let the Rhino wakeup this early since he can destroy the cage.

Make it unconscious again to properly get a hold of the situation.

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Food Requirement To Tame Properly↓

Once you make it unconscious again, the Rhino will drop all the fodders you have fed him. Pick that up and replace it again to re-feed the Rhino. Basically what you need to do is:

  • Every time it wakes up knock it unconscious.
  • Replace the food or fodder back to the Rhino
  • That is the basic process of Taming the Rhino by feeding it in this cycle.
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How To Get Fodder↓

To get dry or other fodder, you need to head over to the crafting and recipes tab:

  • Go to the taming section after that
  • Navigate to Horse Food
  • You can use the specially made dry fodder under Premium horse trainer
  • You can also use the “advanced horse trainer”
  • There are also other food items like Barley but they are a little less cost-effective
  • You will be better off using the fodders

About The Rhino and Mechanics↓

After you have tamed the Rhino, you can put a saddle on it and take it for a ride. There are certain stats you need to notice to gain the full information:

  • Rhino does not have any special skills or traits
  • It will be on an always sprint action unless you tap forward
  • It has a lot of other stats like fullness, carry weight, stamina, max speed, life force, etc.
  • All it does is goes forward and can deal damage
  • Rhino cannot move backward so keep that in mind as well.

how to tame a rhino in myth of empires

Each time a Rhino dies, it loses 100 life force. So if it runs out of life force, you need to basically tame another one. The Rhino works on the mechanics of momentum. Initially it will start walking then start to sprint and gain momentum.

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Some Additional Tips for Taming Rhino↓

There are some additional tips I have to add to make sure you are not missing out on any of the steps. Some of them are prerequisites so keep them in mind as well. Here are some additional tips for taming a Rhino/Elephant:

  • Have enough food already pre-made for yourself
  • Otherwise, you have to be active and keep re-feeding the Rhino/Elephant until it gets Tamed
  • Depending on the level of the Rhino it will be 1000 to 2000 Food (fodder)
  • Rhino can be used in Sieges to make full use of it
  • The same points go for the Elephant as well
  • You can also use them to clear a mob of NPCs

Overall, I would honestly say that taming a Rhino is quite hectic and time-consuming and the reward you get in return is not that great. Still, if you simply like this activity, go ahead and do it by all means. Let me know in the comments.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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