OMORI – 100% Achievements Guide (Steam)

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In this guide for OMORI we will list all (100%) of the possible achievements for the game on steam. If you are looking for any specific achievements, refer to the table of content below. For the entire list of achievements, keep reading the entire guide.

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Table of Contents

100% Achievements Guide for OMORI (Steam)

Good Morning!

– Wake up in the morning.


– Go to sleep after a long day.



See you, Space Boyfriend…




Buy high, sell low.

– Defeat MR. JAWSUM.

When I flex, I feel my best!


Slime Time is Over!


Whale done.


Good Boy

– Complete your TO-DO LIST.

  • This is Exclusive to the Hikikomori route. Interact with the list each day to be given a chore mini-game. Complete that and you are all set.

One more day…

– Reach the good ending.

Close your eyes…

– Reach the bad ending.

There’s something behind you…

– Reach the other ending.

Green Thumb

– Water a plant back to life in BASIL’s garden.

So majestic… so beautiful…


  • To Get the Butt Certificate, find Berly’s tetherball and complete her follow-up request.

Recycling is a concept.

– Get all rewards from the RECYCLING MACHINE.

  • This May require farming cans using Kel from random Junkyard encounters, so be prepared.


– Make your way and talk to LONE MOLE.


– Get the LOL SWORD.

  • Read the joke from the construction site in Deep Well to Weeping Willow in Pyrefly Forest.
  • Get her response to the joke from Snowglobe Mountain

Christmas Crusher

– Ruin Christmas.

  • Cut down the Christmas tree in Sprout Mole Colony.

Spring Sympathizer

– Choose the SPRING MOLE.

Summer Sympathizer

– Pick the SUMMER MOLE.

Fall Sympathizer

– Choose the FALL MOLE.

Winter Sympathizer

– Pick the WINTER MOLE.


– Kill the first SOUS CHEF.

  • Bake the cake incorrectly.

Everyone’s a critic.

– Watch all movies in SWEETHEART’S “throne room”.

As expected from professionals!

– Perfectly train the SPROUT MOLE choir.

  • Doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough.

Hope and Vigor!

– Complete ORANGE JOE’s quest.

  • Orange Joe is in the north of Orange Oasis. Find his brother on the second floor of Dino Dig.

The Chosen One

– Turn the valve to the right in RAIN TOWN.

  • Rain Town can be found by examining the sparkles at the top of the orange pond w/ icecubes in Orange Oasis.

Ain’t nobody here but us chickens.

– Defeat the CHICKEN? at the top of DINO’S DIG.

The currency of the future…

– Trade CLAMS for CLEMS.

  • Must first complete the quest to find Pessi’s thing in Sprout Mole Colony that becomes available after finishing Sweetheart’s Castle. The shady mole involved in that quest will then wait on a manhole cover in front of the Last Resort.
  • Save and restart before doing this unless you’re cool with losing all your money… but if you do you can get it back by defeating the shady mole in his lair that’s between the first and second toll on endless highway.

Ghost Party!

– Have a ghost party.

  • This quest is initiated by visiting the haunted pool next to the Last Resort (which is already mandatory to visit to find the O Key).
  • The ghosts can be found at the following locations:
    • In the Junkyard, in the area where Hero first must charm the conveyor belts and Life Jam Guy gives his tutorial.
    • The snowy room in Otherworld that has the igloo/fishing bear/Sno Cone vendor.
    • The Last Resort, on the fourth floor, in the room connecting the Resort to the construction area.
    • In the gallery of Sweetheart’s Castle.
    • On the floating Pinwheel Island where Kite Kid is fought/C Key is found.
    • In the main overworld area of Orange Oasis.

Good Dog?

– Pet all the creatures in MARINA’s sector in HUMPHREY.

  • One of the pets disappears after being poked or pet, so be sure to pet them all first.


– Hold 99 TOFU.

  • Most efficient way to do this is to purchase them from the vendor in Sprout Mole Colony.
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Bunny Exterminator

– Defeat 100 BUNNIES.

Squizzard Exterminator

– Defeat 100 SQUIZZARDS.

  • Most efficient way to do this is to farm the underwater Cow Farm on the Endless Highway.


– Commission ROCOCO.

  • Rococo is found in the underground area preceding the stage in Sweetheart’s Castle. He becomes accessible after beating Sweetheart.

Patron of the Arts

– Commission all of ROCOCO’s art.

  • Requires ??? clams total.

A Bit Less Lonely

– Commission all of GATOR GUY’s statues.

  • Exclusive to the Hikikomori route. Becomes accessible after Hero becomes the boss of the Last Resort by speaking to Mr. Jawsum on Day 4 in Headspace. The Gator Guy in question is near the picnic area on the construction site in Last Resort’s fourth floor.
  • Most efficient way to do this is to commission a statue, go to the deeper well through the toilet outside right over the picnic then go to another room on deeper well and return and repeat.
  • Requires 15,000 clams total.

Take Me to The River!

– Let the plastic fish finish its song.

  • Exclusive to the Hikikomori route. On the fourth day in Headspace, return to Capt. Spaceboy’s house in Otherworld and speak to Pinkbeard. He will drop batteries that can be placed in the plastic fish in the igloo on the snowy area in Otherworld – then just listen to its song.

Welcome Home

– Take the KEEPER OF THE CASTLE’s power.

  • Exclusive to the Hikikomori route. On the fourth day in Headspace, go to the bottom-left hallway in Sweetheart Castle’s main foyer and interact with the curtain in the lower-right section of the next room to find a hallway that leads to the Keeper.
  • Note that accepting his offer will permanently lock you out of Sweetheart’s Castle, including all its associated sidequests/collectibles/achievements – it’s probably best to save before and restart after achieving this.

I’ll cherish you all forever.

– Get the FLOWER CROWN from BASIL.

  • Exclusive to the Hikikomori route. Talk with Basil at a picnic spot on the fourth day in Headspace.

Anytime is a good time for a picnic!

– Recover at all of MARI’s picnics.

  • Does this refer to healing, saving, experiencing unique picnic events, or a combination?

We’ll always be there for you, OMORI.

– Visit all mirrors.

The view is pretty nice…

Power of Friendship!

– RELEASE ENERGY on your foes.

One for the Road


Perfect Weather Conditions

– Defeat KITE KID.


– Defeat “???”.

  • “???” can be found poorly hiding behind a bush in Otherworld. Must be fought before triggering the chase sequence with Rosa in the Junkyard.

Goodbye, World!

– Defeat THE EARTH.

  • Can be optionally fought on the path between Capt. Spaceboy’s house and the Junkyard.



  • Can be optionally fought in Breaven, accessed in the bread graveyard(?) to the east of Orange Oasis.

See you, Space Husband…


  • Exclusive to the Hikikomori route. He awaits at the top of Snowglobe Mountain.
  • Gimmicky fight. He starts out frozen and therefore takes only single-digit damage from everything save for the ultimate attack. In order for him to temporarily break out from his ice, one should pay close attention to the dialogue and inflict him with the right emotion whenever he recalls some memories.
  • Start by buffing your team a bit and wait for the turn where he starts recalling a memory. Once you have understood which one he recalls (should be fairly easy to decipher), inflict the corresponding emotion and attack once he breaks out. Rinse and repeat.

The Brightest Stars

– Defeat PLUTO and THE EARTH.

  • Exclusive to the Hikikomori route. Can be found on the path between Capt. Spaceboy’s house and the Junkyard.

The First Law


  • Found in Humphrey after seeing Roboheart fly away, specifically in the final room of the “difficult” puzzle for the bomb in the robotic quadrant.
  • Kind of a joke fight compared to the other two, not hard at all.



  • Exclusive to the Hikikomori route. Found in Humphrey on Day 4 in Headspace, specifically in the same room as Marina (the north room).
  • Kind of a puzzle battle. Mutantheart will name an emotion and will instakill any teammates who aren’t that emotion at the end of the turn. It is useful to have a party member that moves slower than her because she will sometimes alter a mood on her turn and will only instakill after everyone else has moved. Otherwise she doesn’t have a huge health pool and can be beaten pretty quickly.

Minor Imperfection


  • Exclusive to the Hikikomori route. Found in Humphrey on Day 4 in Headspace, specifically in the main lobby of the lower area.
  • The game’s superboss. One should be prepared for an onslaught. See the section in this guide dedicated to her for more specific tips.

Seriously, you’re the coolest!

– Beat the BOSS RUSH.

  • Exclusive to the Hikikomori route. Found in Humphrey on Day 4 in Headspace, specifically up the left pipe at the top of the bomb room in the robotic quadrant.


– Defeat every SOMETHING at the bottom of the LOST LIBRARY.

Up high…

– High-five KEL.

Down low…

– High-five KEL three times.

Too slow!

– Don’t high-five KEL.

Minty Fresh

– Brush your teeth every day.

I’ll just take that…

– Take $20.00 from KEL’s wardrobe.

It’s honest work.

– Complete all part-time jobs once.

Against all odds…

– Get a perfect score delivering PIZZA.

That can’t be good for business.

– Quit in the middle of a part-time job.

Good Company

– Go to SEAN and KAREN’s housewarming party.

Math Whiz

– Complete the math worksheet correctly.

Grammar Whiz

– Complete the grammar worksheet correctly.

Good Dog

– Pet a dog.

Tummy Full of Fish

– Feed the STRAY CAT every day and sunset.


– Lose to KIM and VANCE.

The Art of Self-defense



– Battle the “bees”.

Music Connoisseur Of Sorts

– Insert every song into GINO’S JUKEBOX.

The Very Best

– Defeat the PET ROCK champion.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle!

– Defeat the RECYCLEPATH.

Littering is bad, recycling is better.

– Throw away something.

Universally Loved

– Receive all FLOWERS in the hospital.


– Read all the tombstones in the… dev room…

You think you’re clever, huh…

– Name Sunny “OMOCAT”.

It’s all a dream…

– Unlock all achievements. Thank you for playing OMORI.

When she was here…


Foes Filed!

– Complete the FOE FACTS! journal.

They call me SCARETHROW.

– Listen to MR. SCARETHROW’s rant.

That is all we are sharing for this guide on the complete achievements list/guide for OMORI. Leave your thoughts down in the comments below and we will see you soon with a new guide!

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