OMORI | How to Fight/Beat Aubrey Without Knife

OMORI Aubrey Fight Without Knife

In this comprehensive guide on OMORI, we will take a look at how you can Fight or Beat Aubrey Without a Knife. This walkthrough features a slightly different dialogue route in order to achieve this. The knife will still get taken away from you, but it will enable you to beat her without it! Let’s take a look…

How To Fight and Beat Aubrey Without Knife in OMORI

Ryesa Ryesa and Kell Kel Choices

  1. Use Calm Down for Ryesa (Fight > Skills > Calm Down) – This will remove some EMOTION and Heal HEARTS. The cost is 0.
  2. “Encourage” Ryessa using Kel. This will raise Ryesa’s attack! (Skills > Encourage). The cost for this is 0.
  3. “Guard” Aubrey’s Attacks with Ryesa. (Skills > Guard). This will reduce damage for 1 Round. The cost for this is 0.
  4. “Attack” using Kel (Fight > Attack). Ryesa will block Aubrey’s attack. Kel will give damage to Aubrey but take some damage in return.
  5. Use “FIRST AID KIT” on Kel to heal him (Fight > Toy > First Aid Kit). This will enable Kel to recover full health.
  6. “Attack” Aubrey using Kel and she will take some damage. Kel will also take some damage in return which is fine.
  7. “Guard” using Ryesa. He will block all the damage from Aubrey.
  8. “Attack Using Kel. He will give damage but lose health in return which is still fine.
  9. “Guard” Using Reysa and “Attack” using Kel. This will lower Kel’s HP to a very low amount.
  10. Use “First Aid Kit” on Kel using Reysa to restore him back to full health.
  11. Attack using Kel. Kel will do damage and get some in return. You can see the pattern now.
  12. Guard using Reysa and Attack using Kel Again!
  13. This will lower Kel’s HP to low again so use First Aid Kit on him using Reysa as before.
  14. Finally, Attack Aubrey Using Kel one final time and that should be it!
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The Above action will end in a dialogue saying that Ryesa’s Party was victorious! and that is how you can, and will defeat Aubrey without using a Knife. The final exchange of dialogues will be between Kim and Aubrey. Kim will ask her why she backed away, to which Aubrey will answer ” RYESA… He has a STEAK KNIFE…”. Finally, after tasting defeat they will retreat and leave Ryesa and his party alone.

Kel will confront you, however about having the STEAK KNIFE on you, and it will be taken away. But your objective of winning the fight with Aubrey will be accomplished without it anyways.

That is all We are sharing in this guide for OMORI. For more posts for this game, check out our other guides also. Thanks for reading and I will see you soon with a new one. Till then, Adios!

Last Updated on July 11, 2021

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