OMORI | Savefile Location and How to Switch saves

Omori is a psychological Horror indie by the Developers OMOCAT, LLC. The game is receiving great response from players so far. There is a lot to unlock, find and enjoy in the game. In many cases you would need to find the savefiles and edit them in order to restore or progress further. A general knowledge of the savefile locations will help you in many ways. We will show you how to find the savefiles and change/switch them. Read on…

Savefile location and how to change saves in OMORI

Save File location

Locate OMORI in your Steam Library and Right-Click on it. Now find Properties and click on Local Files. This will open the game folder containing several folders and fileNow find a folder called “www”. Inside the folder, locate a folder called “save”, and this should contain all your saves to access and switch if you want to do that.

If  you want to find the save location manually it should be This PC > Your preferred Drive > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > OMORI > www > save. That is how you can find the files you want here.

Some Savefiles and how to switch them

Save files credit to Gilbert (GG142#1420), sek3big (#4444), GRModSave (GRModSave_Username#8777), oog (#1568), alkalde (luc#3293), Jace (#4837), flyday (#5687), and lucien (#0001)

To switch the saves, locate them as shown above and simply replace your current saves with the above saves. Always make sure to make a backup of the saves in case there is a mess up!

That is all we are sharing in this guide for OMORI. For more guide stay tuned with us and make sure to check the posts time to time. Thanks for reading and we will see you soon!

Last Updated on January 4, 2021

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    1. I am sorry to say but I do not use a MAC so I have the least idea of how to operate it. But I am sure other MAC users online may be able to help you out.

  1. Thank you so much for these. Note I tried appending this to my list of five by renaming the new save file6 but it didn’t work. Then I renamed it to file1 and it worked.

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