OPM: A HERO NOBODY KNOWS | How to make/fix new Save Files

After the recent release of the One punch man PC game and the large success of its TV series, fans are expecting a lot from the game. But an initial hiccup has come around for the players, as they are finding it troublesome to make new save files for their games.

In this fix/guide we will list some possible solutions to hopefully fix your saved files and corrupted files.

How To Make/Fix New Save Files in OPM

Method 1

Right-click on the game and click on properties from the steam app.

Click on the UPDATES tab and uncheck the steam cloud box located under it.

Go to Steams’ install folder\userdata\…………\991560\remote

Delete the File named as OPMSaveData

Upon starting the game, a message should pop up asking you to delete the corrupted file. Simply click Yes to delete it.

Keeping the game on like this, again go to the steam cloud option and Turn it on.

If you do these correctly you can now create and save your new character with the steam cloud sync.

How to FIX Corrupted Save Files

Open Settings from the Steam App.

Click on the “Downloads” tab.

Then simply click on Clear Download Cache.

The above steps should hopefully fix your Corrupted File warning coming up every time you start the game.

Method 2

One other alternative is to Delete Folder 991560 entirely.

After doing that simply start your game again, and a new save file/folder should be created automatically.

Please keep in mind that doing this method will reset everything to default so take a screenshot or save your settings somewhere.

We recommend that you create a backup of this folder. In case of any mishap, simply restore the folder and all should be good.

If the problem still persists after trying all the above methods and fixes, kindly write to the developers from here. In case of any questions or suggestions regarding the post, do let us know in the comments below so that we can respond to it asap. That will conclude this short guide/fix on OPM: A Hero Nobody Knows saves/corrupted files.

Last Updated on October 24, 2022

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