One piece Pirate Warriors 4 – How to play with Controller Steam

How to play with Controller from Steam on PC

One-piece pirate Warriors 4 has launched for PC players. Many of the game owners are now wanting to play it with a Controller. Let it be XBOX controller or PS, they are having a hard time using it with steam on their PC. In this short guide, we will show an easy way to fix the issue and enable your respective console in PC.

Fix for the controller on Steam

  • Log in to the Steam app and navigate to settings. It should be located at the top left of the screen.
  • Go to the Controller option.
  • Head over to General Controller Settings
  • Now turn on/Connect your Controller to your PC.
  • Check the Box saying XBOX configuration Support.
  • Simply Select the Controller you want to play with from the list of Controller(s), if available.
  • You can also do the above settings from the Big Picture Mode of Steam.

If you did things correctly and step by step, the Controller should work. You can now play with your XBOX or PS4 controller easily on PC via Steam.

If Your problems still persist, contact the developers from here.

And with that, we will conclude this short fix on Using Controllers Via Steam PC for One piece Pirate Warriors 4.

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