Outriders Worldslayer: Best Devastator Build Guide

The new expansion pack for Outriders, titled Worldslayer, is aiming to finally take the game to new heights. It had a tough 2021, before eventually reaching a stable status.

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Outriders Worldslayer has added a ton of new content and will be aiming for much better reviews this time. There is the same character builds as the original Outriders, but the builds are brand-new.

Therefore, it is important to know how to get the best builds for each class. The following guide will focus on the best Devastator build in Outriders Worldslayer and what is needed to achieve it. 

Outriders Worldslayer - Devastator

Outriders Worldslayer: What is the Devastator Build?

Devastator deals its major damage in close-range melee attacks, using AOE abilities, and can tank strikes from opponents. Furthermore, players will be able to get really near the enemies and take them out.

The best build for Devastator makes use of Bleed and Anomaly Power. The former will help players inflict extra damage on enemies, while the latter will decrease the defense of enemies, making it easier for you to attack.

Additionally, there is also an Armour buff and Cooldown, which will be necessary since the battles are fought in a close arena. There is also Life Leech, which gives you health back while fighting the enemies. 


The primary weapon for the best Devastator build is the Juggler, which is an assault rifle that is perfect for being mobile all throughout the battle. Therefore, you will be able to hit enemies quickly, and the gun’s Life Leech will also work in your favor.

The mods for the Juggler are Scrap Grenade and Radiation Splash. The grenade will inflict great Anomaly damage on enemies standing within a five-meter radius. Radiation Splash makes a small explosion which leaves your enemies vulnerable as you reload the Juggler. 

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The secondary weapon alongside the Juggler has to be Deathshield. It is a great complement as the Life Leech is much greater than that of Juggler. The mods for Deathshield are Fortress and Moaning Winds.

The former will increase your current armor when you are getting and better your damage output by 30% for 10 seconds. The latter will create a blast surrounding you which will cause a great load of damage around an eight-meter radius when you are reloading. 

Outriders Worldslayer - Devastator Build


The gear should be from the Seismic Commander’s set. This is because it increases the bleed effect by 50%. 

Helmet: It will have maximum effect on life leech, and the mods are Despair and Blood Shock. 

Chest: It gives cooldown reduction and status power, while the mods are Second Quake and Earth’s Legacy. 

Leg: The same effects as the chest piece, and the mods should Taint Blood and Captain Hunter. The former betters bleed damage while the latter inflicts extra damage on bosses. 

Gloves and Boots: The gloves are Yruuk Otarah’s, which have status power and cooldown reduction. It will buff the Gravity Leap further. The Boots should be Engine Liquidator’s Boots and apply the Untamed Power mod. 


The skills are as follows:

  • Golem: It will increase your ability to tank incoming strikes.
  • Gravity Leap: This allows you to leap into the air and hit enemies. 
  • Earthquake: Disrupt enemies.

For the Class Tree, make sure of the bottom nodes and the Skills for the same are Paladin, Bloodbath, and Strong Arm of the Anomaly. 

Last Updated on July 9, 2022

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