Overwatch 2: How To Change, Modify, And Customize Crosshair

The hype train for Overwatch 2 is in full flow, and with good reason. The game has been on fire as it enters week two, with scores of players worldwide raving about the new edition. While there were some teething problems early on, Blizzard would be thankful to have left the rocky days behind.

Additionally, it has earned great plaudits from word-of-mouth coverage which will surely see the sales shoot up even further in the coming days.

While new characters have been introduced, several old ones make major comebacks with modified upgrades. The developers have also enhanced the role of XP in the game, which will be a significant boon for the Battle Pass and even for players going after the Premium Battle Pass, which will require money.

However, there has been a recurring problem for some players with the crosshair or reticle for the players. In that regard, the following guide will help players understand how to change the crosshair and ways to better it for more fantastic shooting. 

Overwatch 2 - Changing crosshair

Overwatch 2: Ways to change and modify crosshair or reticle 

The game will provide a crosshair that is not too easy to spot. Given the game’s bright colors and vibrant backgrounds, the crosshair can get invisible at times, rendering you powerless often. Moreover, you might also face issues if the brightness level or contrast bar is set very low, making it harder to watch where you shoot. 

You can encounter many problems while playing, meaning that you have to sort this issue out at the earliest. Thankfully, the game has provided an easy enough way to get the crosshair or reticle you desire. Open the crosshair settings inside the game and follow the below steps:

  • Select the ‘Escape‘ key to open the Settings bar
  • Choose ‘Options‘ from the menu
  • Go to ‘Controls‘ from the choices at the top of the horizontal bar.
  • Click on ‘General‘ in the list, which is present to the left of the player
  • You will find the ‘Reticle‘ area, which houses the ways to change to the crosshair
  • You can make changes to the volume, depth, kind, and other stuff to get the perfect crosshair for your gameplay. 
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Overwatch 2: Ways to modify and personalize the crosshair

There are a variety of crosshair options present in the game, which will provide the players with great choices for different situations: 

  • Default: the standard, basic option which you will get as you start Overwatch 2
  • Dot: just a dot for the crosshair
  • Circle and crosshairs: a crosshair which is on the outskirts of a circle together form this
  • Circle: a bite-sized circle
  • Crosshairs: the type you see in all kinds of shooting games is the same here

Overwatch 2 - Crosshair game

You can go even further with the things you want to be changed in the game. Move to the ‘Advanced’ options column sitting underneath. There are nine more choices available to players which will take your gaming experience up a notch. They are given as follows: 

  • Size of the dot
  • Opacity of the outline
  • Resolution and scale
  • Accuracy of the show
  • Opacity of dot
  • Color
  • Length of crosshair
  • Thickness
  • Gap of center

The great thing about the changing options is that you can choose the Hero you want to make the changes for or go for all of them from the ‘Change Hero‘ selection to the right. This becomes crucial because the characters have different strengths with their respective weaponry and powers, which can make a difference in great battles. 

Thus, that is all the information you will need for changing the crosshair from the Reticle option. I went to test the new crosshair in the Practice Range, which gave me a much better idea of what to expect in an actual match that has consequences.

You can also take on a practice match against the AI which will further hone your skills and reflexes, allowing you to settle down. Of course, there will be an adjusting period for everyone that will make it a better experience in the future. 

Last Updated on April 12, 2023

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