Pokemon SV: Florges Weaknesses And How To Counter

There are a number of important Pokemon that players can go after in the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet game. The following guide looks at how to weaken and capture Florges in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Florges

Pokemon SV: What are the weaknesses of Florges

Florges has a great Special Defense stat with a solid Special Attack and superb Base Power strikes like Moonblast. It is Pure Fairy type and you can really use its help during Double Battles and even during countering Special moves.

Nevertheless, there are some chinks in the armory, with Steel and Poison both inflicting twice the damage on Florges. However, Florges has a good Base Power Grass and Fairy alongside a great defense that will be a go-to option for all trainers. 

You can even use Florges as a support Pokemon with its Ability like Flower Veil and Symbiosis, which is the Hidden Ability.

Flower Veil disallows any decrease in the stats of Florges and other Pokemon while Symbiosis enables Florges to pass on the item it is holding to a different Pokemon if that Pokemon has used its personal item.

For example, if your other Pokemon has Berries and they have exhausted it, Florges can give its Life Orbs or Berries to it. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Florges weaknesses

Pokemon SV: How Beat Florges with the best counters

Before we come to how we can take down Florges, it is important to know what Florges is strong against. Florges is totally immune to Dragon-type Pokemon while its game-best Special Defense makes it imperative you use Physical moves, but Fighting, Bug, and Dark-type moves only inflict half the damage.

That is why your main area of focus should be Physical moves.  Now that we are all up to date on Florges’ prowess, there are some Pokemon who are more than capable of handling it.

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Tinkaton, Revavroom, and Bronzong are great, with their respective powers being described as follows:

  • Tinkaton has nice Special Defense and Typing so Florges’ is rendered almost helpless given the use of Gigaton Hammer.
  • Revavroom has a solid STAB move which is super effective, and Steel/Poison-type is a great protection against Fairy-type moves. 
  • Bronzong defends great against Fairy and Grass moves, and its burly Steel moves are a great way of downing Florges’ health well. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to battling Florges and countering its strengths. There are some gaping weaknesses, so you will be able to exploit them to the best of your capabilities. 

The developers have given players a wide array of activities to do in the game, with character customization being a vast area.

You can change everything from shoes to bags to sunglasses to make yourself appear the coolest. Additionally, there are things to do even after completely filling the Pokedex, like going after Shiny Pokemon, which can better your stats.

While there has been the introduction of 103 new Pokemon, the old ones still pack a punch, with the likes of Revavroom and Magneton leading the way.

While the objective for players is still the same: collect all badges from the Gym Trainers present all around Paldea, there are some side quests for you to participate in as well.

Last Updated on January 4, 2024

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