Redfall: How to Complete The Heroes of Echoes Mission 

In the primary portion of Redfall, you invest a lot of your energy attempting to cut down the underhanded Hollow Man. The Heroes Of Echoes is one of that adventure’s most critical missions. 

You glean some valuable knowledge about the antagonist and his origin story in it. However, you must put in some effort to obtain the necessary information. This is because the mission requires some problem-solving. The main puzzle has you searching the mansion of the Hollow Man for missing dolls. Find them and carry out the remainder of the mission in this manner. 

Redfall: How to complete The Heroes of Echoes mission 

Head over to the Addison Mansion

The main thing you really want to do in the mission is go to the Addison Mansion in the south. The location is very high, but you can get up to it by taking the eastern side of the stairs. Use any of the numerous windows and doors once you arrive to enter.

Redfall - Addison Mansion location

Search for Amelia’s Room Key And Go into Her Room

When you enter the mansion, your most memorable objective is to track down the lab. It is on the bottom floor’s north side. Because the room is a complete mess, you’ll know it when you see it. However, you can still pick up Amelia’s room key from the desk by walking through it.

Redfall - Addison Mansion entrance

The door to Amelia’s room, surrounded by white butterflies, can be found upstairs if you follow the yellow cables. To locate the dollhouse, enter it and turn to the right.

Locate the Missing Dolls

The dollhouse is a recreation of the mansion you are currently exploring. There are three doll silhouettes in it. You must locate and place those dolls there. The only information you have about their current location is the location of their silhouettes and the note in the vicinity. They can be found here:

Redfall - Dollhouse

On the south side of the building, Lucy Doll is in the kitchen downstairs. When you arrive, you can find the doll sitting on the counter.

Redfall - Lucy doll

You can find Bella Doll in the large nursery outside the manor. The doll can be seen seated next to a plant by simply entering the glass building.

Unlike the others, finding Tina Doll takes a lot more effort. First, you must enter the room across the hall from Amelia’s Room. “Hollow Man” is written above the entrance. In there, you can find a loft key close to the bed.

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Redfall - Tina doll Hollowman

The double doors on your left can be found as you head back into the hallway. Use the room’s stairs to ascend to the loft after passing through them. The doll can be found in a substantial fort up there. When you pick up the Tina doll, enemies may attempt to attack.

Redfall - Tina doll found

Placing the Dolls within the Dollhouse

When you have all the dolls, you can return to the dollhouse and put them all back where they belong before clicking the “use” indicator.

Redfall - Dolls back in dollhouse

Search for Addison’s Lab Key

Playing with the dollhouse prompts you to be moved into it. Except for the fact that it is in much better condition, it has the same appearance as the Addison Mansion. The entrance to Addison’s Lab is supposed to be your next objective; however, the door is locked.

Redfall - Addison lab key finding

You must eliminate the three sinners living in the house to obtain the lab key. They are situated in the same areas as the dolls. In this way, make a beeline for the space, kitchen, and nursery to track down them. After you kill each one, a psychic echo shows up, with which you must interact. After the last one, you will find the Addison Lab key.

Get the Butterfly Needle

You can return to the lab on the north side of the building with the key in hand. The lab was the earlier location that appeared to have been damaged by an explosion.

Redfall - Addison Lab door

The dollhouse version of the lab is in much better condition and contains yet another psychic echo when you open the door. After observing it, gather the Butterfly Needle from Amelia’s seat in the echo. To conclude the mission, return to the dollhouse and interact with it.

Redfall - Butterfly needle

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding The Heroes of Echoes mission. It will be somewhat of an extended mission, but players can complete it by going through the places well. 

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