Destiny 2 | GM Nightfall Reward This Week – May 2 to 8, 2023

Let’s be honest. GM NF and Master NF are challenging. However, if you complete nightfall on master/grandmaster difficulty, you will be rewarded with a proficient version of the weapon in rotation for that week. If you’re curious about the circulation and the weaponry chosen for the Seraph season, you’ve arrived at the correct place!

If you complete the nightfall on master difficulty, you will be rewarded with a copy of the weapon. However, if you complete the Nightfall this week on Grandmaster difficulty, you will be awarded the Adept version.

Militias Birthright Destiny 2 Season 18

GM Nightfall Reward in Destiny 2 this week – May 2-8, 2023

This week’s GM Nightfall award is the Militia’s Birthright Adept, a 90 Rounds Per Minute Lightweight Frame Kinetic Grenade Launcher with a Magazine Size of 1. If you like Special Grenade Launchers, you should get The Militia’s Birthright. It is one of the game’s few Kinetic GLs, and most likely the only one that comes in Adept form.

It makes sense to attempt nightfall at Grandmaster difficulty, as the weapons you’ll be rewarded with will have higher stats than the base-stat weapons you’ll be rewarded with if you finish the same at master level. The additional statistics may make a variety of frantic activities more accessible for you.

Furthermore, the adept weapons you’ll receive at Grandmaster difficulty can be upgraded using adept modifications, which improves the stats greater than normal weapons with standard mods.

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GM Nightfall Rewards Table for Destiny 2

Finally, here’s a list of the weapons available in April and May throughout Season 20 of Lightfall or until Season 21 arrives.

May 2Militia’s Birthright AdeptThe Arms DealerKineticGrenade Launcher
May 9Buzzard AdeptThe GlasswayKineticSidearm
May 16The Swarm AdeptLake of ShadowsArcMachine Gun

When you complete nightfall in Destiny 2, you will be rewarded with another copy of the nightfall weapon in circulation for that given week. A slew of nightfall-specific weaponry has been introduced in Destiny 2 since dawn.

These weapons range from incredibly popular to poor, but the idea is that six are chosen each week from the whole weapon pool to be in circulation. There’s also a chance that new weaponry will be added to Nightfall when Season 21 arrives.

However, some of the weapons above may be withdrawn from the pool’s rotation once Season 21 is released! That’s all there is to it, guys! Keep an eye on Gamertagzero for Destiny updates.

Last Updated on May 8, 2023

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