Remnant 2: How to Fix or Change Mouse Sensitivity

One of the main issues in Remnant 2 is that some players have noted that the sensitivity of the controls is very high for PC players. You may feel disoriented due to this, and the following guide will help players in optimizing the sensitivity settings. 

Remnant 2: How To Control or Change Sensitivity

Too much sensitivity is a mood spoiler for players as they will have an increasingly difficult job focusing on enemies. You would also find that sudden movements are a lot quicker than you anticipate, so you need to tone it down.

If you are having a hard time finding the correct settings in order to reduce the high sensitivity, you will find them in our guide. 

Remnant 2 - controlling mouse

There is no direct way of finding the sensitivity settings since the mouse and controller controls are not found simply.

These two settings are not present under the Controls menu so for those who are looking for the same, you will have to get inside the main Settings menu.

Then under the Gameplay tab, you will find the Camera portion, and this is where all of the Sensitivity settings are located. This is your main hub for finding everything sensitivity-related in the game.

These include

  • Horizontal Aiming Sensitivity
  • Vertical Aiming Sensitivity
  • Horizontal Camera Sensitivity
  • Vertical Camera Sensitivity
  • Horizontal Scope Sensitivity
  • Vertical Scope Sensitivity

Players have to fiddle around with each of these settings if they are to impact the overall sensitivity of the game. They are kept at 50 by default, which is way too high for most players playing Remnant 2.

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Remnant 2 - controlling keyboard

The key thing to remember here is that simply decreasing one of the aforementioned settings will not help your cause.

All of them have to be decreased and if you are someone who prefers lesser sensitivity, keep all of them around between 10-20. These will help you greatly in controlling the sensitivity of the game to a large extent. 

However, for players who would want a little more sensitivity in their gameplay, you would like to keep the settings above 20 but not by too much.

Nevertheless, there is no right or wrong when it comes to the fixing of sensitivity for players.

Everyone has their own choices so it is best that you try out some combinations before fixing on a final one.

That is why this venture may take some time in the initial stages, but once that is done, you will be all set to go in Remnant 2. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to finding the correct settings for their sensitivity in the game.

It is advised that players get this feature sorted early on so as not to be disturbed later on while taking down enemies. 

Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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