Saints Row 2022: How To Change Appearance And Clothes

The return of Saints Row in 2022 has seen players jump on a much loved bandwagon. I am loving life back in Santa Ileso, with several new missions, characters, and iconic moments.

Of course, the game has also brought back the favorite character customization traits which allows you to change things up drastically.

Therefore, you can dress up your character as you want which will be a nice change from the daily humdrum. I have made full use of this trait in the past and am enjoying this feature here as well.

Thus, I have compiled an easy guide for players to understand the mechanics of character appearance in the game.

Saints Row 2022 - Appearance

Saints Row 2022: How to change character style and appearance

Players can make modifications to their characters at any point in the game through the following steps:

  • Open up the Cellphone menu
  • Make your way to the Style icon
  • Here you can change your look and edit your character’s appearance as you want.

The best feature for me has been the no price cap for transforming your character styles. Therefore, I was able to go bonkers on trying on new looks through the Appearance App that has:

  • Body
  • Hairstyles
  • Face
  • Voice
  • Emotes
  • Clothes
  • Modesty

The game has always been famous for its unlimited array of options which has led to the creations of Thanos, Shrek, and others in the past.

Additionally, you can also save character templates which can have you changing you looks anytime.

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Saints Row 2022 - Outfits

Saints Row 2022: Getting new clothes and outfits

Of course, you will get a default set of clothes in the beginning. However, if you are like me, I got bored of them quickly and was looking for newer outfits. Thankfully, the game lets players to acquire clothes in some ways.

Shopping: There are a litany of stores all across Santo Ileso, much like the GTA series. It is also indicated by a green shirt icon.

I got some XP from my first purchase, and each store has a unique set of clothing. Therefore, make sure to go check out all of them for the best styles.

Missions: Another great way to get outfits is through missions, side missions, and other activities. They are also found all across the city.

Thus, that is all the information you would need for changing your character styles. You can access the Style App while fleeing also, and even go back to your HQ to change. All of it will be absolutely free, which is the real win for me.

Last Updated on August 26, 2022

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