Slime Rancher 2 – How to Reduce Lag and Boost FPS

Here are the optimal Slime Rancher 2 settings to increase frame rate and decrease input lag. With any luck, this guide will enable you to enjoy and play Slime Rancher 2 more. The default settings for Slime Rancher 2 are unexpected. Out of the package, it DOES NOT operate well. I doubled my FPS after 5 minutes of setup adjustments.


Best Settings For No Lag and FPS Boost In Slime Rancher 2

Display Settings

Although the display settings are rather obvious, you should double verify this! Decide on your native resolution (the highest). I advise VSYNC Disabled and Fullscreen. If you have a display that supports adaptive sync or Gsync, this is extremely crucial.

This is applicable to all video games, not only Slime Rancher. Framerate cap: 144, which is recommended for the majority of PCs. FOV: This is a matter of taste. Decide on what you prefer. If you’re within 2-3 feet of your monitor, 90 is a good choice.

Try a lower number of 70-80 if you watch TV and are sitting far away. Overscan: Why is this present in a 2022 video game? Move on!

Graphics Settings

These settings should work for you if, like me, you play at 1440p with a mid-range GPU (such as a GTX1070, RTX2060S, RTX3060, or RX6600-XT). I went from 30FPS to 60FPS. Depending on your computer’s hardware and display resolution, your results may differ.

Please try new things. Start with the MEDIUM option at the top and make adjustments from there. Please click the apply button now. If not, the modifications below will not be valid (BUG, needs to be fixed). The parameters should be copied exactly as in the screenshot below. 

UPDATED 2022-09-25: I adjusted the parameters to give a much nicer appearance while maintaining a frame rate of at least 60.

My Personal Settings

Here are my observations regarding the graphics settings, if you’re interested:

I discovered that some settings can be HIGH without significantly lowering FPS. I then modified the screenshot above to reflect this. Value it! ZERO antialiasing. It’s my personal preference and requires less computation from the GPU. 

Disabled for depth of field. I disable this because it uses a lot of resources. Although it significantly alters the sky box’s appearance, I prefer it off. Disabled for Chromatic Aberration, though it has a stylish appearance, this function is not worth the high FPS cost.

Additionally, turning it off only enhances the sharpness of the image in the screen’s corners. Normal ambient occlusion. The visual benefit usually comes at a cost in FPS. HIGH Textures. If your VRAM is less than 8GB, you might want to set textures to Medium or Low.

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The small ponds (on land, not in the sea) and large rainbow portals poking out of the ground caused my frame rate to drop in half, regardless of the visual settings I was using [very minor spoiler]. I’m hoping that later patches will fix this.

Input Settings

This is crucial! Please enable mouse smoothing if for no other reason. Why this is turned on by default is absurd. Significant input lag is added during smoothing.

Most current video games by default disable this. I’m hoping that further patches will fix this error. Just a friendly reminder to adjust the mouse sensitivity until it complements your style. Disregard the value I selected.

Additional Notes

If you’re playing at 1920 x 1080 and the game still skips and lags a lot, try lowering your resolution because it DOES effect FPS! Don’t forget to configure your computer so that Slime Rancher can use resources more frequently than usual to improve speed.

On all Windows computers:

  • Launch Settings
  • Gaming
  • Console Game Bar

Then select Graphics settings from Related Settings on the right side. Add the game’s.exe and choose High Performance.

For graphics cards from Nvidia:

  • Launch the Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Control 3D settings
  • Programming Options

Add the game’s.exe file and adjust the parameters as desired. Typically, I create a universal set in global and only allow the.exe to be affected by those settings. I’ve customised my settings for my particular rig, so be sure to do the same for yours.

I don’t allow my games to run at frame rates higher than 200 because my display can’t handle it. However, I don’t suggest using these settings on laptops because you’ll quickly drain the battery.

That’s it, I’m grateful. In conjunction with this article, I hope that this information will assist to increase FPS even more. Go start a decent ranch immediately. With any luck, this guide will enable you to enjoy and play Slime Rancher 2 more. 

The menu choices and resulting frame rate may have changed since my time of writing. Please feel free to add further recommendations in the comments. Enjoy this Honey-Bun Slime with FPS Boost…

Last Updated on September 28, 2022

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