Steelrising: How To Unlock And Use Horseless Carriages

In every game, no matter the genre, there are a few things that are pivotal to the gameplay and progression of players. You will have to know the ins and outs of these things that will make your life much easier throughout the playing time. It is the same with Steelrising, where you battle some big enemies in the revolutionary times of France, alongside robots of course.

The game has the facility of horseless carriages which will transport you from one place to another in nothing flat. Therefore, this is a very handy game mechanic to have so as to avoid battles and enemies when you are in a rush or just want to escape a sticky situation. The following guide takes you through the horse carriages in the Steelrising.

Steelrising - Horse Carriages

Steelrising: What to know about

As mentioned above, the game is set during the French Revolution and takes players on an alternate timeline. King Louis has an army of robots that will have to be defeated by Marie Antoinette’s own entourage of defenders. Players will be moving all over Paris, going onto find new places, gather objects, and fight bosses. Though the enemies are not too challenging in the beginning, the complexity level will only rise as you progress. No matter where you are, you will need the help of horseless carriages to make your life smoother.

Steelrising: How to get access to and make use of horseless carriages

The use of horseless carriages will make your life much easier once you have them. You can avoid any commotion or fighting while going from point A to point B in the game. There is also the feature of tokens which can be bought from The Boutique and you will have to give them back to the final used carriage while traveling.

The feature of horseless carriages allows players to go back and forth between several locations on the map. However, there are some key steps to be followed in order to unlock them. Players will have to cross the Masters of the Machine mission, before going to locate Vaucanson’s workstation.

Steelrising - Unlocking key

Given that he was one of the pioneers of robots around the country, he will be a crucial figure in Steelrising. Once you get to the workstation, you will need to get to the second floor. However, the elevator is not functioning and players will have to repair it before they will be able to have a look around the place.

Once you know what is to be done, make your way along the Factories till you reach the Factory Docks. Here, you will come across The Forge, where you will have to battle and defeat the Unstable Forger in order to increase the power and defense of your weapons for the future. Additionally, you will also be receiving a new module key and a separate module as prizes. However, you should only have this fight depending upon your own skill level and where your character is at this stage since the opponent is a very quick mover.

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As you explore The Forge, you will find a road that goes from inside the buildings and ends at a malfunctioning steam pump. You will have to fix this as it is the main feature of ultimately getting the elevator to work again in Vaucanson’s workplace. Therefore, once you get the pump ready, you are ready to head onto the second floor and grab the key for the horseless carriage.

Steelrising - traveling with horse carriages

Now that you have the key to unlock the carriages, the final step of the process is to locate every location where the horseless carriages are present and keep it in mind during the course of the game. Once you progress in Steelrising, you will be getting the Alchemist’s Ram that breaks down the walls which will allow you to take full benefits of the horseless carriages and move around very easily.

A great benefit of traveling through them is that, like Vestals, the game’s progress gets automatically saved whenever you use the carriages. Furthermore, you will be able to get to The Boutique, apply upgrades, and get more materials through this system. Of course, a facility that will aid you greatly is not easy to find or present everywhere. You will have to do a bit of searching in order to get to them, but they will definitely be worth the effort.

Thus, that is all you will need to know about a critical part of Steelrising that makes lives better. They will be accessible after a select part of the game gets unlocked, and you rummage through Vaucanson’s workshop. Therefore, keep an eye out for the missions, and make sure you are using the horseless carriage to its fullest abilities.

Last Updated on September 26, 2022

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