Sniper Elite 5: How To Use Rat Bomb And Eliminate Matthaus Ehrlich

The release and success of Sniper Elite 5 have been a welcome addition to this year’s gaming schedule. The game has been addictive and players are massively enjoying the upgrades from the previous editions. There are several interesting Missions, which contain their own objectives within themselves.

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The Kill Challenges inside have been a great way to earn extra rewards and trophies. One such challenge is eliminating Matthaus Ehrlich by means of a Rat Bomb in Mission 4 which is titled ‘War Factory.’ Players can get a bit lost in terms of detonating the bomb which will knock out Ehrlich.

Therefore, the following guide will help you through the process in order to complete the Kill Challenge and win a sweet prize, the secondary weapon, Machine Pist.44 SMG. 

Sniper Elite 5 - Rat Bomb Ehrlich

Sniper Elite 5: How to defeat Ehrlich using Rat Bomb

First things first, you have to find the Rat Bomb. It is located behind the Resistance Fighter which is found at the start of the mission. Having found the Rat Bomb, there are a few ways in which you can use it to target Ehrlich in the mission itself. The first and major way is to make your way undetected inside the building where Ehrlich lives.

Once you are inside, you will find the many white rats scurrying along on the ground. Go up to one in order to start interacting with it. This is how you plant your bomb in the building. Having done that, go to a corner and hide to wait, as Ehrlich, having finished his talk with Dietrich, will walk around the house.

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Sniper Elite 5 - Rat Bomb

He will come into contact with the rat carrying the bomb on his own, and at this point, the bomb will go off. However, not all players will be able to defeat Ehrlich in this manner. Therefore, they have a couple of other ways to try and achieve the goal. You can place the rat bomb beside the entrance to his house.

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After that, whistle to call Ehrlich outside, and as he steps out, shoot the rat with your sniper which will detonate the bomb, destroying your target instantly. The final way is to simply go up to Ehrlich, and knock him out. Then carry the body to the place where the rats are.

Set him down, place the bomb beside him, and get away to a safe distance. Now, use your weapon to shoot the bomb and voila! 

Players may have to use one or two or all of the methods described here in order to fully see off Ehrlich. This is because in some cases, the explosion is not fatal instantly. Therefore, you will have to see what works specifically for you, in order to achieve full completion. 

Last Updated on February 1, 2024

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