Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 | Scope And Special Ammo Guide

This guide is for those who are looking for information on the different Sniper Scopes and Special Ammunition in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2.

After reading this guide you will be able to make calculated decisions regarding which scopes to use for different sniper rifles and also how the special ammo in the game can be used for missions.

Scope And Special Ammo Guide For SGWC2

Sniper Scopes

Let us get to know more about the scopes in the game. From what I have gone through in the game so far, there are 4 major types of scopes in SGWC2.

These are Short, Medium, Long, and Extreme Long. Some rifles also seem to have a ‘Special Scope’ which as far as I can tell has a wider magnification range for each of the above types.

All the scopes have a maximum zeroing range which starts from 0 m. In essence, this means the maximum distance you can zoom in through your scope.

You can zoom in in increments of 100 m only. That is, if the maximum zeroing range of your scope is 400 m, you can zoom in as 0-100-200-300-400 (m).

For all purposes, the Extreme Long Range Scope is the best scope among all. There’s no reason to use anything other than the Extreme Long Scope which is strictly better than any of the others.

In most cases, it is not much more expensive than the others and is still the best in all cases. If you could zoom in on the highest distance for a little higher price then why wouldn’t you?

I have included a table for scope magnification and max zeroing range for the Riihimaki M10 rifle for a better understanding.

ScopeMagnificationMax Zeroing
Short4x-6x600 m
Medium4x-10x700 m
Long4x-18x1000 m
Extreme Long4x-24x1500 m

Special Ammunition

There are 6 different types of Special Ammo but each rifle can use only up to 3, barring one rifle. You can only carry 1 special ammo for your missions unless you have access to the Special Ammo Magazine Attachment which allows you to carry 1 extra type.

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For instance, while playing missions with the UK-50 rifle, you can carry your regular rounds along with 1 special ammo, say EMP.

If you have the special ammo magazine attachment, you can carry 2 special rounds along with the regular ones, say EMP and Luring.

Special Ammo Attributes

  • AP: Can pierce obstacles and body armor, making double-kills more consistent.
  • Tagging: This can be used to tag enemies within 25 m of the point of impact. Very handy for identifying enemies inside buildings.
  • Explosive: Deals damage in an area of 2.5 m of the radius of the impact point. Useful in alerting others and taking out vehicles.
  • Luring: Can be used to lure out one enemy within 15 m of the p.o.i. Even though multiple enemies may be alerted, only 1 enemy will come out to investigate.
  • EMP: Disables all vehicles and electronic apparatus in an area quietly. Some noise is still produced which may alert enemies. If you must use it to disable radars and stuff, be sure to take out the guards beside them.
  • A.G.I.L.E.: It has higher muzzle velocity and completely ignores wind and gravity. A sniper’s delight!

Overall, I quite enjoyed the experience of playing with the sniper rifles in the game. They felt powerful in hand and I got some satisfying kills.

However, the thing that surprised me was the inability of the standard ammo to pierce the body cover. It was quite tough to eliminate even regular enemies with the medium sniper rifles.

But once you get to know these facts you will get accustomed to the game and definitely enjoy it. I hope this guide helped you a tad bit. Good luck and happy hunting!

Last Updated on January 2, 2024

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