Sons Of The Forest: How Seasons Work Explained

The survival factor in Sons of the Forest is something that players have to be the most mindful about. Not only will you be under threat from cannibals and other dangers, but players also have to be mindful of how they construct their bases and find food.

You will have to be always on your toes in order to search for supplies and resources which will be immensely helpful throughout your journey. Nevertheless, there is one factor that players have to be wary of right from the start.

It is the changing of the different seasons, and in that regard, the following guide will help in explaining how seasons work in Sons of the Forest. 

Sons of the Forest: How seasons work explained

The effect of seasons and their changes will have a big impact on players and their health, including the chances of their survival and how to scourge for more resources. The more time players stay in the game, they will be able to better understand the seasons and how they change which is important to know.

Sons of the Forest - spring

This will also help you in understanding how to protect yourself. However, the first few times can be really dangerous for players as they prepare themselves for the deadly seasons. 

The best seasons from a player’s perspective are spring and summer. The former is especially favorable given the number of food sources and resources you will find all around. That is why it is vital you gather the stuff as much as possible throughout these two seasons given that you will not need to make or look for any gear that helps you keep warm.

The wildlife is also in abundance, meaning there is no trouble of worrying about health too much. Players will also be able to remain outside for much longer with more sunlight, journeying around and you can even sleep outside at night. 

The start of Fall will signal the mood shifting considerably as you have to arm up your resources and collect supplies quickly. The cooler climate will also have you scrambling for more clothes and base. Additionally, your time in the sunlight will decrease, meaning there will be more chances for you to be attacked so be on your guard at most times. 

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Sons of the Forest - winter

The toughest season, without any doubt, is Winter. This is due to multiple reasons like the frozen water bodies (rivers, streams, ponds, etc.) alongside the wildlife that you hunt being on hibernation for most parts of the winter.

You will have to be very careful as the number of enemies increases considerably. The short days mean darkness is much more so being inside your base is of utmost importance. Players must be wary of being outside too much as the hordes of attackers can come in at any time.

That is why you should keep a fully stocked-up base which means you can wait out the season till Spring comes back again. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the different seasons in Sons of the Forest. They can be helpful and dreadful depending on how much care you take in each of them.

As mentioned above, the two best times for the players are summer and spring. Winter will be extremely challenging for you, more so in the beginning so make sure you are being careful in terms of spending resources and venturing outside not as much as you want.

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023

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