Sons of the Forest | How To Fix Kelvin Stuck Bug

The makers of The Forest, Endnight Games, have worked on a new horror survival game called Sons of the Forest. The game’s amazing graphics and captivating plot have created a lot of buzz among gamers.

Sons of the Forest does, however, include some problems and flaws, just like any new game. The Kelvin Stuck Problem is one of the most upsetting glitches that users have encountered. When you enter the cave in the snowy area close to the spawn location, this problem appears.

How To Fix Stuck Kelvin Bug In Sons Of The Forest

It is advised to start a new game and loot the north cave if you come across this problem early on in the game before activating Kelvin at the crash spot. There are several actions you may take to attempt and repair the error, though, if you have advanced further in the game and do not want to lose your progress.

Leave the cave and reload the Instance

The first thing you may do is to venture as far from the cave as you can, and Kelvin should eventually resurrect close. Moreover, attempting to sleep might allow him to realign and resolve the problem. The best course of action is to reset the save or ignore him if this does not work.

Editing The Save Files

Yet there is a way to resuscitate Kelvin if you truly want to.

Your Sons of the Forest save game files can be found in the folder:

‘C:\Users{Your Username}\AppData\LocalLow\Endnight\SonsOfTheForest\Saves’. 

  • Go to the above folder and then, open the file “GameStateSaveData” in Notepad, find ”IsRobbyDead\”:true’ change it to ”IsRobbyDead\”:false’, save the file, and then close it.
  • Look for TypeId\”:9 in Notepad’s “SaveData” window.
  • Change ‘\”State\”:6’, which is located a few lines later, to ‘\”State\”:2’.
  • Look for  ‘”Health\”:0.0’ only a few lines later, update it to ‘”Health\”:100.0’
  • Start Sons of the Forest again after saving and exiting “SaveData.”
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Although using this approach can enable Kelvin to be revived, it’s vital to keep in mind that it might also result in other game errors. 

Sons of the Forest experienced two delays. The game’s initial release date was set for May 2022 when it was announced in December 2019. The game’s release date was postponed from March 25 to October 2022 “to be able to deliver our concept of the next stage in survival games,” according to Endnight Games, the game’s developer.

The game’s release was once more postponed to February 23, 2023, in that August. Later, it was revealed that the game would debut in early access to prevent future delays. Within 24 hours after its debut, the game sold over 2 million copies, and on the first day of its Steam launch, there were over 300,000 active players.

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023

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