Spider-Man 2: How To Get The Absolute Carnage Suit

The release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has brought a great sense of new journeys and nostalgia for players. While the actions of the dual superstars, Miles Morales and Peter Parker, get underway, players can partake in them with several suits.

They are a beloved part of the series and have been influenced by previous games and different details of the Spider-Man character. With 68 suits for players to unlock, the following guide will help you get your hands on the Absolute Carnage suit.

Spider-Man 2: How To Obtain The Absolute Carnage Suit

Players will begin the game with the most recognized and legendary suit for both Miles Morales and Peter Parker. As you move deeper into the game and rank up in levels, more suiThereecome are unlocked. Additionally, there are some suits that you will only get after finishing specific side quests in Spider-Man 2.

While 68 suits may seem too many, it is out, keeping in mind that two of our favorite Spidermen are here. There are different requirements for every suit, including their costs, and most of them come with extra styles, which will have separate costs.

As we discuss the Absolute Carnage suit, the first thing to remember is that this costume is for Miles Morales only and is taken from his look when he was infused with Carnage. It was part of the Absolute Carnage Comic Event back in 2019.

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Spider-Man 2 - Absolute Carnage Suit

For players who are looking to unlock the Absolute Carnage Suit and Styles, here are the respective amount of costs required for the same after you have reached Level 60:

  • Absolute Carnage Suit: 115 x Tech Tokens, 3 x Hero Tokens
  • Absolute Carnage Styles: 60 x Tech Tokens, 2 x City Tokens

The Absolute Carnage suit has styles that will change the color of the base look. You can do it yourself via the Suit Menu present within the game. They do not have any extra effects or abilities that will enhance your gaming experience, so they will only be a visual update.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Absolute Carnage suit in Spider-Man 2 and how to acquire it. These will make your complete gameplay much more exciting, and the different cases will go a long way in keeping things interesting.

Last Updated on October 26, 2023

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