Starfield: How To Get U3-09 Security Keycard (Groundpounder)

The following guide will help players find the U3-09 Security Keycard in Starfield, enabling them to save the crew and get valuables.

Starfield: How To Get U3-09 Security Keycard (Groundpounder)

Players who have reached Altair II must fight against some enemy Spacers in Research Outpost U3-09 in Starfield. You will find some locked doors that can be unlocked with the U3-09 Security Keycard.

The U3-09 Security Keycard is related to the Groundpounder quest in the game, so you must initially acquire the U3-09 Facility Keycard from Corporal Lezama. This will needed to get inside a particular portion of the facility, and you can also remove any Spacers you encounter from within and the outside.

This will ensure several objectives appear as you go on your way during this part. Once done, you must look for Lieutenant Torres to obtain the U3-09 Security Keycard from Sergeant Dasari.

Starfield - Sergeant Desari

For those uncertain as to how to proceed, use the Research Keycard that you acquired from Corporal Lezama to get to the nearby stairs. After you have the U3-09 Security Keycard, you can apply it to all doors that are not open, even those you have come across early on in the quest.

The main objective here is to save Captain Myeong, who is present on the second floor, by heading downstairs. There are a bunch of enemy Spacers present here, and you have to eliminate them to reach the captain and assist.

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Starfield - Security Keycard

Once you have cleared the enemies, interact with Captain Myeong to access the next part of the Groundpounder mission, which will have you fighting against many enemies again.

Additionally, players with the U3-09 Security Keycard can search around the place and find some valuables or take down some leftover Spacers. These can allow players to recover some good loot in and around the area.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the U3-09 Security Keycard and how to use it well in this portion of the Groundpounder quest. Ensure you are exploring the place well after rescuing Captain Myeong, and you will be on your way soon.

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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