TemTem: How To Get Luma And Use Radar

For all Pokemon lovers out there, this is a fantastic. Apart from the successes of the new launches, excitement has also reached a fever pitch with the release of TemTem. Modeled in the MO of Pokemon, you are tasked with meeting people, fighting them in battles of TemTems, online gameplay and much more to be done.

Additionally, you can upgrade, evolve, and collect many other items that are a callback to the Pokemon series. A very key component of the whole game is the Luma, which is one of the rarest TemTems you can get.

The fact that the newest update has changed the way we go about it is what we are discussing in the guide below. 

TemTema - Luma

TemTem: Everything to know about Luma

As mentioned above, a lot of the basic tenets of Pokemon and other like-minded games are followed in TemTem. Players roam around the game to gather all types of TemTems which will be used in battles and to get the collection complete.

In this regard, Luma are the rare and harder to find categories of TemTems. The difficulty part of catching them has been downgraded so that more players are able to get their hands on them in the new update. 

  • The developers have bettered the chances of catching Luma from 1/10,000 to 1/7500 which was case in the Early Access 
  • Saipark on Deniz Islands has extra Luma every other week so I made a beeline for it whenever I was able
  • You will get a minimum of 25 SVs in each stat alongside a perfect score in three of them
  • I went to purchase Radar which bettered my chances of finding Luma in the game
  • The process of breeding can also lead to getting Luma as one normal TemTem and one Luma has 1/750 chance of getting a Luma. Two Lumas together lower the odds to 1/75
  • However, you will have to be selective as every TemTem can only mesh together a maximum of eight times. 

TemTem: How to get Luma quickly

There are many ways to get Lumas in the game, not all of them guarantee an equal level of success. Therefore, you will have to be careful in what kind of paths you want to follow. 

  • We have already mentioned Saipark on Deniz Islands, but that will require you to be patient, given that they spawn every one or two weeks
  • If you have the Radar, it will be your go-to option for getting Luma
  • You can simply buy a Luma or shiny egg from the auction house for Pansun. However, be warned that it will make a big dent in your wallet so make sure you have the required funds for other expenses as well.
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TemTem - Getting Luma

TemTem: Using Radar to get Luma

The new update has made Radar a much more functional item in order to get Luma. Therefore, it is important that you know how to best go about making full use of Radar in the game. 

  • You will no more get Radar from Dojo Rematches
  • Only in TemTems’ normal land can Radar be effective
  • The decrease in rate of encounters to 300 from 400
  • Each TemTems have a full spawn ability of 100%
  • You cannot call upon more evolved forms of TemTems in the game
  • You will be able to buy Radar from in exchange for feathers through Tamer’s Paradise
  • Radars have to match with the type of TemTems you are trying to get, so the importance of compatibility cannot be understated. 

So, you will be able to use Radar to have TemTems come into the game world. However, you will have to continue your battles against TemTem and not stop coming out victorious. You cannot break it in order to better your chances of getting Luma. However, that can be harder to manage than said as I have found out myself .

  • Ending a Radar battle midway through
  • You have lost all your TemTems who are slayed in combat
  • Staying in a Radar battle but it is against a non-compatible evolution TemTem.

Thus, that is all players should know about the newest update which make acquiring Luma a clearer reality. You will be needing them as you progress in the game, so it is good to get them beforehand. Though they are some expensive methods, Radar will be the first-choice for many players. Therefore, make sure that you are grinding as hard as possible in your journey. 

Last Updated on September 17, 2022

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