Starfield: Best Spacesuit, Helmet, and Pack Mods Guide

Players have to craft the best types of spacesuits, helmets, and packs through the crafting station, which is the Spacesuit Workbench. You can also add a Galactic Workbench since it has an installed one. Here are the best mods for each category in the game.

Starfield: Best Spacesuit, Helmet, and Pack Mods

This is beneficial as it means you do not have to go to several places for the different items.

What are the best Spacesuit Mods?

Players can choose Ballistic Shielding as the best spacesuit mod in Slot 1 since it shows excellent damage resistance. You must use 1 Cosmetic and 2 Fibers to make the Ballistic Shielding mods.

In Slot 2, choose Optimized Servos since it lowers the oxygen consumed while running, which is crucial. Players must research Spacesuit Mods 3 and use 2 Positron Battery and 1 Microsecond Regulator to make the Optimized Servos.

Starfield - Spacesuit mods

Players with a melee fighter build can choose the Exo Servos mod in Slot 3. You have to research Spacesuit Mods 2, along with using 1 Positron Battery, 3 Titanium, and 2 Semimetal Water.

Those not running a melee build can proceed with the Heavy Shielding Mod in Slot 3. You will get more resistance with this. You have to research Spacesuit Mods 3 and use 1 Polymer, 2 Tungsten, 2 Adhesive, and 2 High-Tensile.

Players needing help with the loot will have to go for the Pocketed Mod in Slot 4. Your carrying load will be enhanced, and you have to research Spacesuit Mods 2 along with 2 Sealant, 1 Polytextile, and 1 Adhesive.

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What are the best Helmet mods?

The first choice for best helmet mods in Starfield, for Slot 1, is the Ballistic Shielding during battles. You will need 1 Nickel and 1 Cosmetic.

For Slot 2, use Explosive Shielding to protect yourself from harm, especially while fighting with more formidable opponents. You have to research Helmet Mods 2 and then go with 1 Sterile Nanotube, 1 Titanium, and 2 Adhesive.

Starfield - Helmet mods

Heavy Shielding is the best for Slot 3, as seen with the non-melee build for the Spacesuit category. You must research Helmet Mods 3 and use 1 Tungsten, 1 Polymer, 1 High-Tensile, and 1 Adhesive.

Finally, head with Gravitic Composites in Slot 4, which gives you excellent protection when moving around stealthily. You have to research Helmet Mods 3, using 1 Adhesive, 3 Caelumite, and a Microsecond Regulator.

What are the best Packs mods?

Choose Hazard Protection for Slot 1, as it protects you from all hazards. You have to research Pack Mods 3 and use 2 Biosuppressants, 1 Isotopic Coolant, and 1 Molecular Sieve. Slot 2 is perfect for Regeneration as it gives back your health over time.

Starfield - Pack mods

 You have to research Pack Mods 3 and go ahead with 3 Amino Acids, 2 Emergency Kits, 3 Hypercatalyst, and 1 Positron Battery.

Players can go ahead with the Balanced Boostpack by researching Pack Mods 3 and using 1 Tau Grade Rheostat, 1 Zero-G Gimbal, 3 Beryllium, and 3 Monopropellant.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the different mods and packs. Players must also upgrade their other skills, so you must spread it out wisely over the different areas.

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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