Starfield: How To Land On The Den

Players will come across many stations in and around the galaxy of Starfield that all have different kinds of feel and activities. 

A particularly interesting station that players often miss is right around them. This is The Den station, and the following guide will help players reach it, along with what to do there while visiting.

Starfield: How To Land On The Den

The initial thing that players have to find is the Wolf system present within your star map. It is in the middle point of the Sol, Narion, and Alpha Centauri systems, meaning you will not have too much of a hard time locating it.

You will find that not much is happening in and around this system, as one of the planets here is a gas giant.

Starfield - Locating the den

The Den is orbiting around the planet called Chthonia, which seems like a plain station when you are viewing it from the outside. You have to hail it before you can dock on it to avoid any problems happening in this regard.

For those players whose ships are somewhat damaged, The Den has the extra advantage of having a Ship Service Technician present right ahead of you as soon as you load inside.

Therefore, The Den is a perfect stopping location whenever you explore the different galaxies since you can quickly get the fixes done whenever you need them.

To land on the Den in Starfield, travel to the Wolf System and open the system map. Find the planet Chthonia, which should be the smaller of the two planets. Then click on the icon in orbit around Chthonia labeled “The Den.”

Once The Den is selected, hold “X” on the keyboard to travel there.

Starfield - Inside the den

Players who want to release some illegal cargo will come across a Trade Authority member here to talk with, and they will pay you for the stuff you are carrying due to your pirate behavior.

That is the extent of your activity in The Den, as not much else is happening here. The Trade Authority member is the main part of this while you will come across a barkeep on the lower floor that will be selling alcohol for you as you want.

There is not much to do around The Den, so you should be heading for the exit once you are done roaming inside.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding The Den station in Starfield. The ship repairing and the Trade Authority aspects are the most important here, so make sure to check them out whenever you come. They can come in handy in specific situations of the game.

Last Updated on September 8, 2023

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