Eastward | Earth Born Guides, Tips, and Tricks

This guide will help you ace Earth Born in Eastward with the minimum effort. For the uninitiated, Earth Born is an arcade game-inside-a-game that you can play in Eastward. Here in this guide, I will share some useful tips which will help you to beat this segment with ease.

I hope my guide really helps readers and if it does, then please leave a comment to let me know. Check out the full guide below.

Earth Born Guide, Tips, and Tricks for Eastward

Featured Eastward How to play Earth Born

Collect Pokeballs and Characters Early On

First, you need to collect some Pokeballs in the game. This approximately takes about 3 hours of game time. Having about 15 Pokeballs will be enough. You also need to collect all the characters in the game.

This can be managed after a few playthroughs. A lot of people think that Hunter is useless. But in my opinion, the hunter is pretty powerful if you can get him with lower accuracy but high crit.

Yeah, each person has 3 different skillsets and properties, which is random in every playthrough. My first successful playthrough was with him. At lv 5 he will get a 4 AP skill that will do a lot of damage with 100% accuracy. I would especially recommend giving him that equipment which enables him to use his skill twice.

Items and Leveling Up

If you see the following items below available in the shop, then buy them immediately:

  • Spike Shield (deals damage to enemies when they attack you)
  • Regen Items (all regen items are good)
  • Dodge Boots (they increase your chance of dodging attacks)
  • Wolf Claw (grants you a chance of hitting an enemy twice in one move)
  • Priest Book (quite helpful to get some good heals if you have the right skills)

You can buy other items too. But these items helped me the most while playing this game. You have to level up by simply running around, fighting monsters until it is Day 7. I think level 4 characters will be sufficient for you to beat this game.

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Final Boss Stages

At the final boss stages, your primary role would be to support your teammates. You need to do an exceptional job by keeping them alive.

Use your items to boost stats, revive and heal where necessary. As for the choice of moves, keep your strategy as simple as possible. Going with a straightforward plan didn’t harm anyone.

Use your instinct to choose your move-set and go with what you feel suits you the best. It’s OK if you need a couple of attempts to clear this. But you will definitely get it done and that’s what matters.

Eastward 2

Map Access, Items, and useful Character

In order to open the map, you need to press “Q”. This is the default button for opening the menu in the game, If you have rebound the key, then press that to access the menu.

From there you can open the map and that will also help you immensely in acing this.  For the items, the priest book is quite helpful to get some good heals if you have the right skills for that. So make sure you make decent use of items as well.

In terms of character selection, Hunter is pretty powerful if you get him with lower accuracy but high crit.  At lv 5 he gets a 4 AP skill that will do a lot of damage with 100% accuracy.

I would highly recommend you to give him any item that can enable him to use his abilities twice to do optimal damage and be useful in-game.

Thank you for reading my guide on acing Earth Born. If you need clarification regarding anything then do leave a comment below. I will get back to you soon. You can also check out some of our other popular games if you have some spare time.

I will keep you updated with the latest from the gaming world. Hope you stay in the best of health and have a great time gaming!


Last Updated on December 17, 2021

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  1. Hey thank you for this guide! I screenshot your recommended items and that and the advice to support my teammates helped me beat the demon king. I also like the hunter and used his 4 AP ability to finish him off.

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