Starfield: What Are The Best Builds

Depending on how you customize your experience game will be even more enhanced. That is why it is crucial to make sure your build is suitable for you in Starfield, and the following guide will help players understand the best options for you out there.

Starfield: What Are The Best Builds in The Game

While it is the final choice of the players in the game as to what build they love, the best kind of Starfield builds go with the Psycho Firefighter, Cyber Runner Assassin, and Freestar Ranger.

Psycho Firefighter Build in Starfield

This build is specifically for players who want to get close to their enemies and leave an impression. You should go with the Chef background, which will lead you to acquire the Dueling skill early in the game. Here is the best Psycho Firefighter build in Starfield:

  • Gastronomy: You will receive a lot of extra health from the food you consume, which is always helpful
  • Scavenging: You will have to get your hands on as many resources as are available for you to upgrade the armor and purchase items for healing

Starfield - Build one

Players should also enrich the Physical skill tree, which will enable them to get the Neurostrikes skill that will change their fists into superb weapons as well. The Rescue Axe will go together with this, of course, since it is thematic.

The final tip for players is to get as much Aurora as possible, and while the effects of the drug are not clear so far, they are a vital part of Neon coursing that is essential to your Psycho Firefighter build.

Cyber Runner Assassin Best Build

This is the approach for players who want to stay hidden and strike at the most perfect moments. You will have the Cyber Runner background that grants you the below-mentioned rank 1 skills:

  • Security: You will be able to hack advanced locks right from the start, which will lead you to get stronger weapons and loot
  • Stealth: Enemies will have a hard time finding you, which will enable you to land critical hits
  • Theft: You can steal from your enemies so that they cannot use the excess ammo, meaning you can avoid getting into longer fights with them
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All of it will help you progress well in the initial stages of Starfield. Players are also advised to bring in skills for the Dueling skill, which will result in enhanced damage from melee attacks, or the Ballistics skill, which is perfect for when you are carrying a silenced gun.

Choose the Combat Knife for the weapon category, and you can also choose the Urban Eagle (silenced) for when you feel overwhelmed.

Starfield - Build two

Freestar Ranger Best Build

Those who like face-to-face combat should go ahead with the Homesteader background. It is likely to have Outpost and Wild West-themed bonuses to make you feel at home on Akila, where the Freestar Collective resides.

You should put your skill points in the Marksmanship and Ballistics skill trees as they raise your damage from distances. The Freestar Collective Settler trait gives extra positive relations when it comes to the Freestar Collective group, meaning you will be in line to receive the best weapons and armor initially.

However, you may anger the United Colonies, but that should not be too big of a fuss in your overall journey. The NCR Ranger armor is perfect for your adventures with this build, and there may be someone creating a mod for it soon.

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the best builds for Starfield. Everyone will have joy using these, and there is no doubt you will benefit in different ways with all of these.

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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