Steelrising: How To Defeat The Alchemist Of Luxembourg

The end of action is nowhere in sight and the heat has just gone up notches with the addition of Steelrising. You will have to battle a number of Titans on your quest in the game. Attack and defend to the best of your abilities, but one boss can cause quite an issue.

He is The Alchemist of Luxembourg, the third Titan in Steelrising. One of the earliest facts to know about this beast is he’s almost immune to Shielded Musket.

Additionally, there are a number of hugely effective attacks that can wipe you out very quickly. However, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. I found that out while battling this mega boss, and here’s how to go about it. 


Steelrising: What weapons to have

You have no requirement of ranged weapons which will only invite trouble given The Alchemist’s resistance. Make sure to have a heavy striking weapon that has a potent charge when you are on the offensive. The perfect combo for them will be fast weapons that complement them superbly. 

  • The Alchemist will be vulnerable to a number of strikes from you, which can be best utilized through these weapons
  • Carrying elemental resistance vials will be key given the enormity of damage caused by the grenade attacks 
  • Therefore, fire resistance will be necessary at certain points of the battle. 

Steelrising: All attacks of The Alchemist of Luxembourg 

As mentioned above, distance is no bar for the big Titan. His range and pacey strikes are some of the best you would have met till then, while they are made more powerful with the addition of elemental damage.

Therefore, you will always have to be on your feet in order to take the Titan boss down. For that, players have to be aware of what is in store before the battle, and here is the full list of attacks. 

Icy Blast

Like the fire attack, this involves iciness being spread around the Titan. Players will be able to spot it as The Alchemist will lay his pot down and fill it with something. So, it is best to move away once the motion begins.  

Steelrising - The Alchemist of Luxembourg

Dash Attack

The quickest attack in the fight, and you will have to be careful of your positioning for this one. 

  • I noticed something was off when The Alchemist stepped back in an odd fashion, which was immediately followed by the mad rush
  • The good thing is there is no fixation on your character, but rather the general direction
  • Therefore, you have to keep mobile in order to dodge the attack effectively
  • If you cannot escape due to your weapon choice, the hit will be hugely detrimental. 

Fiery Step

Fire from below is the most accurate description of this attack. You will feel the ground start to glow and the Titan getting ready to stomp. Once he lands, the flames will engulf everything around. 

  • It is possible to escape the flames if you are really fast to leave the area
  • However, the much bigger chance is to take some damage which is not much so it will not be a great loss.
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Canon Shooter

One of the easier attacks to spot and avoid. The Alchemist will be prepping his canon that is on his back before letting it rip towards you.

  • Players will be able to spot all of the movements since the process takes some time
  • Furthermore, it has very little speed so you will have to easily avoid it by just stepping aside
  • On the off chance that you are struck, there will be fire damage inflicted. 

Lightning Strike

Another attack can be spotted from quite some distance away. The Alchemist will lift his mace and mesh a lightning bolt into which is then thrown at you. However, given the actors involved, it is unlikely to cause you too much damage if you are alert. 

  • Whenever the action starts, simply keep raising your own attacks as you have a free pass till the lightning bolt is ready
  • The Alchemist will stay fixed in his place so you can bring out your best damage-worthy strikes. 

Pot Swinging Attack

An attack occurs when the two of you are in a close enough range. The Alchemist uses the pot he is carrying to swing at you, two times through the side and once from the top. Therefore, you will have to be on your feet to avoid it. 

  •  I backpedaled quickly which was useful in dodging the first pair of strikes
  • For the final swing, it was going past him which meant the attack landed on the floor. 

Explosive Grenade

The most dangerous attack as the range is almost unbeatable. Additionally, it is not easy to avoid either. The Alchemist prepares for it by taking hold of the grenade with his mace-wielding hand itself. 

  • The critical thing to remember is to charge toward the boss and not away from him
  • If you are near him, the chance to dodge it gets better as opposed to running in a different direction.

Steelrising: How to best fight The Alchemist of Luxembourg

First things first, never allow too much distance to accumulate between you and the Titan. That is what will surely doom you given the mechanics of the boss. The best way to go about it is to remain alert and move around The Alchemist while striking whenever there are time-consuming attacks used by him. 

  • The grenades will be your big worry so keeping little or no distance helps you greatly
  • The strikes with a pot are a great chance to inflict damage on the exposed back, much like the second phase of the battle during lightning bolt attacks
  • However, the second phase will also see the edges of the battlefield getting an elemental effect
  • The primary attacks to avoid by keeping distance are the ice and fire attacks, which will go away after a while during this phase
  • Then it comes down to the attacks which leave him open to your best strikes, and you will win. 

Thus, that is all the information you will need to keep in mind while fighting The Alchemist of Luxembourg. There is a patience factor that is required so you will have to manage your attacks well. Always keep an eye out for what The Alchemist is doing, and you will be on top. 

Last Updated on September 14, 2022

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