Street Fighter 6 Open Beta: How to Download And All Details (Characters, Stadiums, Game Modes)

For players who are eagerly waiting for Street Fighter 6, there is good news. Capcom has revealed the launching of the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta that is set to begin from May 19, 2023 and go on till May 22, 2023.

This announcement is news for fans and a lot of us can be confused as to how to get in on the action of the open beta. In that regard, the following guide will help players in knowing more about the Street Fighter 6 open beta, including downloading and playing it. 

Street Fighter 6 Open Beta: How to download and play 

The process to download the game in its open beta form is pretty simple. Players can go directly to the official website of the Street Fighter 6 open beta and find “Participation Conditions” on the page. Select the registration for Capcom ID and you will be taken to a different webpage.

Street Fighter 6 Open Beta - game mode

If you already have a Capcom ID, simply log in through that or you will need to make a brand-new one to download the Street Fighter 6 open beta. Move down the next page till you reach the “External Account Links” area.

You can now join your Capcom ID to the system you choose that will become your playing center for the new game. Once you are done with these steps, the game is ready to be preloaded on your selected system, once the pre-download starts on May 16, 2023. 

Street Fighter 6 Open Beta: What to Expect and all details

Capcom has already stated on the website of the Open Beta that the game will be along the same lines as what had been seen during the Closed Beta that happened in December 2022. 

All Game modes in Street Fighter 6 Open Beta

There will be a lot of choices for players in terms of game modes including the likes of Ranked Matches, Training Mode, Extreme Battles, DJ Booth, Battle Hub Matches, Casual Matches, Game Center, Photo Spot, Hub Goods Shop, Open Tournaments, Challenges, and Training Mode

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Street Fighter 6 Open Beta - character

All Characters in Street Fighter 6 Open Beta

You will be able to see a lot of characters in the Open Beta which will enable you to understand their style of play and fights. The characters present in the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta are Jamie, Ken, Kimberly, Luke, Ryu, Juri, Guile, and Chung-Li

All Stadiums in Street Fighter 6 Open Beta

You will experience a number of stunning and picturesque stadiums in the game with the likes of The Macho Ring, Metro City Downtown, Tian Hong Yuan, Training Room, Carrier Byron Taylor, and Genbu Temple all featuring now. 

Apart from all of these features, players can customize their avatars coming up in the Battle Hub. Nevertheless, you will be unable to load or save avatar recipes made during the Closed Beta last year as announced by Capcom already. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta and how to go about enjoying it. It sets up the scene well for when the full game will come and players will be ready to dive deep into it with the knowledge they will gain now. 

Last Updated on May 10, 2023

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