Redfall | The best and worst characters for solo-play

Redfall’s selectable characters are one of its most intriguing features. There are four characters to pick from throughout the game, and each has a distinct playstyle. You will have a distinct experience in Redfall depending on who you choose, both in terms of gameplay and complexity.

Redfall can now be played with friends, and multiplayer viability is surely a factor to consider. That being said, Redfall lacks matchmaking, so if you don’t have any pals eager to delve into Redfall, solo play will be your primary mode of operation. Keeping this in mind, this list will concentrate on each character’s soloplay playability.

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All Characters in Redfall Ranked

#4. Remedios “Remi” De La Rosa

Remi is a poor single player who should be avoided at all costs. The majority of Remi’s equipment is intended to help friends. C4 Charge is the only ability that has considerable usage in a solo-play situation, and it isn’t all that good when compared to what other characters can do.

Remi isn’t a bad character; she’s simply bad in this context. If you want to make the game more difficult, Remi is an interesting modifier that can make Redfall rather difficult. Aside from that one scenario, avoid her at all costs.

#3. Layla Ellison

Layla is fantastic, so don’t let her ranking fool you into thinking she’s bad. She is worlds ahead of Remi, and if you really wanted to split hairs over her positional viability, she could be considered joint-second. Layla is a strong character that can do almost anything.

Her abilities are all superb, with Umbrella absorbing an absurd amount of damage and Vampire Ex-Boyfriend providing excellent support damage. Her strongest skill, though, is Lift.

This mobility feature makes it much easier to travel around Redfall. Not only that but by bypassing the main door, you may more successfully break into locations and dodge security.

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#2. Jacob Boyer

Jacob is an excellent character who focuses on stealth, reconnaissance, and tremendous quantities of damage. Jacob’s skills are all fantastic, with Cloak allowing him to go invisible for an absurdly long period of time and Heartstopper producing a powerful auto-aiming sniper rifle.

His Raven, on the other hand, not only tags foes in a wide area but also deals damage in an AOE and boosts all of your damage when targeting tagged targets. Jacob always has a solution to Redfall’s challenges, and he simplifies the majority of the game. His only disadvantage is a lack of movement possibilities.

#1. Devinder “Dev” Crousley

Devinder is the ideal single character since he possesses everything. He possesses the ideal blend of talents, making him a formidable force when exploring Redfall. Devinder has access to the Arc Javelin, which deals high damage and stuns adversaries in a wide area of effect. 

This is effective against both humans and vampires and is one of the strongest ‘first slot’ abilities in the game, if not the greatest.

He then uses the fantastic Translocate, which gives him incredible mobility, surpassing even Layla. Obstacles are no longer a problem. Finally, Blacklight brings the game to a halt. It quickly petrifies any Vampire in your path, making them vulnerable to being slain by a melee attack or a Shotgun with a Shatter Modifier

Not only that, but it deliberately staggers humans. Devinder is the most ridiculous character in Redfall. 

That’s all we have for Redfall for the time being. More Redfall content can be found in our other guides, lists, and walkthroughs.

Last Updated on May 10, 2023

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