Stygian Reign of the Old Ones | Console Commands and Cheats

For all Stygian: Reign of the Old One’s players, check out the ultimate guide for using console commands. This is a comprehensive list that includes 77 commands and also shares valuable gameplay tips and tricks. Read on!

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones All Console Commands and Cheats

NOTE: The names of commands and cheats can be the same across websites. The reason is that they are universal and cannot be changed. I highly advise that users read this with discretion and this in mind.

How To Open Console

  • Hit ~ to open the developer’s console. Type the command and hit enter to execute it.
  • Commands can be tab completed, e.g., type add and then hit tab, which will cycle through the commands that begin with add.
  • Hitting the up arrow will fill the console with the last used command. Useful, for example, when using add_level multiple times.
  • Always save before using a command.

Note of Warning

  • These commands mess with various aspects of the game state and may sequence break, corrupt your file, or prevent you from progressing. They might even summon Cthulhu into your mom’s basement. Use it at your own risk.
  • Some commands, e.g. fill_weapons may inadvertently spoil parts of the game.

Best/Optimum Console Commands

The following commands are relatively safe and quite useful for creating a powerful team.

  • add_cigsadd_itemcharactereditorfill_consumablesfill_spellsfill_weaponsrest
  • add_cigs – adds a number of cigs to the player’s inventory
  • add_item <item> x – adds a number of specified items to the player’s inventory, e.g., add_item bandages 10
  • charactereditor – calls up the Character Editor interface, which allows nigh-infinite point allocation to both attributes and skills for both the player character and their companions.

The one thing to be aware of is that if the player character (PC)’s skills are all 10+ and then they level up, it won’t be possible to allocate skill points and the game will soft lock. If the pc reaches such a state, use charactereditor again to reduce one or more of their class skills.

  • It’s possible to get comical levels of reaction and AP and trivialize all combat.
  • fill_consumables – adds 1 of each consumable to the player’s inventory
  • fill_spells – adds all spells to the player’s grimoire
  • fill_weapons – adds 1 of each weapon to the player’s inventory
  • rest – rest anywhere, without need for camping supplies. Cannot be used during combat

Known Commands (So Far)

These are commands that have been tested, and we are relatively sure of their effects. Again, be aware that many of these may manipulate your game into an unprogressive state.

  • add_angst_level – adds enough Angst to reach the next Angst level
  • add_cigs – use like add_cigs x, where x is a number from 1-499
  • add_item – use like add_item <item>, or add_item <item> x, where x is a positive number. e.g., add_item lockpicks 50 will add 50 lockpicks to your inventory
  • add_level – gives the PC enough experience to reach the next level
  • autosave_off – disables autosave
  • autosave_on – enables autosave
  • charactereditor – opens a window allowing attribute and skill level modification for player character as well as companions
  • clear_pc_inv_equipment – removes everything from the pc except cigs, rations, and some skivvies
  • craft_add_items – adds blueprints for craftable items, as well as necessary components
  • exportlog – exports a folder with a variety of debugging information
  • factions – prints out the player’s status with each faction
  • fadeIn – fades the screen back after using fadeOut
  • fadeOut – fades the screen to black
  • fhtagn – toggle Debug Mode
  • fill_components – adds to the player’s inventory 10 each of the different crafting components
  • fill_consumables – adds 1 of each consumable to the player’s inventory
  • fill_essences – adds 1 of each essence to the player’s inventory
  • fill_everything – adds 1 of each item to the player’s inventory (yes, everything)
  • fill_gadgets – adds 1 of each gadget to the player’s inventory
  • fill_hats – adds 1 of each type of hat to the player’s inventory
  • fill_masks – adds 1 of each type of mask to the player’s inventory
  • fill_outfits – adds 1 of each of type outfit to the player’s inventory
  • fill_plans – adds 1 of each Blueprint, Formula, and Survival Recipe to the player’s inventory
  • fill_spells – adds all spells to the player’s grimoire
  • fill_weapons – adds 1 of each weapon to the player’s inventory
  • heal_madness – heals any madness state and removes madness (e.g., get rid of Schizophrenia)
  • kill_billy – instakills poor Billy Crumb, as long as the player is on the same map as him, whether or not he is a henchman.
  • player_madness – displays a list of player madnesses
  • profiler – toggles profiler display. The profiler includes FPS readout, monitor response time, and RAM
  • rest – rest anywhere, without the need for camping supplies. Cannot be used during combat
  • toggle_menubar – toggles display of the bottom menu bar
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Unknown Commands

We have tried all of these, but their results are unclear.

  • add_angst
  • add_angst_token
  • add_companion
  • add_madness_token
  • add_modifier
  • add_package
  • add_perk
  • add_spell
  • add_state
  • attribute – used to add or remove attribute points. use charactereditor instead
  • calculatestats
  • change_lang
  • change_player_head
  • craft_study
  • decipher
  • exec – execute batch files
  • health
  • henchmen_stats
  • load_level
  • load_settings
  • statistics
  • quality
  • quest
  • remove_companion
  • reset_camera
  • reset_camerafollow
  • reset_rest
  • resolution
  • restore_pc_inv_equipment
  • sanity
  • save
  • save_settings
  • set_encounter_mode
  • show_favors – brings up a Favors interface? Wtf is this?
  • show_last_exception
  • show_modifiers – displays modifiers? (World Timers, Addictions, etc)
  • show_stats – shows stat modifiers?
  • skill – sed to add or remove points from skills. Use charactereditor instead
  • skin
  • test_bestiary – gives bestiary xp – Fills out bestiary?
  • test_notecase – adds case notes to journal
  • test_notegeneral – adds general notes to journal
  • test_notes – appears to add quest notes?
  • toggle_version
  • unlock_player
  • update_lights

Item Names

Most item names are simply the item’s name in all lowercase, with underscores instead of spaces. These can be used with add_item e.g., add_item metal_sheets 50

Here are a few examples we found useful:

  • alcohol
  • crowbar
  • human_skull
  • lantern
  • laudenum_shot
  • lockpicks
  • molotov_cocktail
  • nerve_tonic
  • shovel
  • solvent
  • ugin_fizz

That’s all we are sharing today in Stygian: Reign of the Old One’s Console Commands and Cheats; if there is anything you want to add, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll see you soon.

Last Updated on December 27, 2023

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