Borderlands 3 | How To Get or Farm Kickcharger

In this guide for BL3, we will see how to get the Kickcharger Legendary Rocket Launcher. This particular weapon is a part of the new DLC called Designer’s Cut. This DLC is free for Season Pass 2 owners and ultimate edition owners. It is also sold separately for all the other players.

How To Get The Kickcharger in BL3

You can farm/get the Kickcharger inside the Arms Race DLC Map for Designer’s Cut. It is generally a world drop, so you can get it from anyone or anywhere on the map.

I will be showing you a dedicated Chest location for this particular weapon. Simply rinse and repeat the process of save-quitting and loading in until you get the drop. Here is the map location for reference:

Kickcharger Chest location in BL3

As I told you earlier, your best bet is save-quitting and loading in repeatedly until you get this drop. If you happen to get it from any other place, then all is well and good.

If you struggle to get this particular weapon, this is the place to farm it in the normal course of action.

Kickcharger Weapon Stats and Info

Mayhem Level 10
Weapon damage+434%
Reload Speed Bonus+25%
Weapon Zoom3.3x

The Weapon Text Reads, and I quote, “Let it Slide”

Weapon Overview and Tips

This Vladof Rocket Launcher can be an excellent addition to your arsenal. It fires beams that can be charged for massive damage. By massive, I mean one-shotting damage!

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If you manage to pair this up with a Critical Hit Build for FL4K or any other Vault Hunter, it will wreak havoc on its enemies. Even at Mayhem Level 10, with all the modifiers, It gives out large one-shot damage capable of taking down even bosses.

I would highly emphasize this weapon in its current state. It is a definite weapon for your main loadout with the proper builds. The weapon also has piercing potential, so if you line up enemies properly, it will one-shot the one standing behind as well.

The ammo consumption is 1 ammo/Per shot. I do not think there is any downside to this weapon. Yes, it needs to be charged, but the huge damage it does, makes up for it, so I myself have no complaints about it.

That is all for this guide. Thanks for reading, and I will see you at the next one!

Last Updated on January 2, 2024

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