Swords Of Legends Online | Housing And Build Modes Guide

This guide will give you a quick introduction to How to place items in housing. You can do this after you have completed the housing tutorial. Here it will be shown how to levitate, position, and rotate items using the in-game editor. After reading this guide you will be able to work with one simple object or a set of multiple objects. So go through this guide on Swords of Legends Online to know more.

Swords of Legends Online: Housing Guide

One technique that could help to manage multiple manually placed items at once is a method that is kind of similar to pivoting. The idea is to use an item as the base object and every related item will be moved and rotated together with this item. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to understand how an item is dependent on other items on which it is placed on. If we take for example a stone block and place something on top of it, the thing on top of it will move together with the stone block, but the stone block will not move if the other thing is moved.

With this fact in mind, we can place every item that we want to move, on the base item instead of on the ground. This way it is linked to the base item and will move together. But we don’t want to just build a giant mess of stacked items. To prevent this we can use the Selection Mode mentioned later in the guide and position the item placed on the base via ctrl + arrow keys for vertical and arrow keys alone for horizontal positioning.

One example would be a floating house. Every part beneath the house and the house itself has first been placed on the block and then manually moved upwards/rotated/scaled. The items in the house are sort of like the babies of the house. With this technique, it is possible to relocate everything without much effort.

The Various Build Modes

It can be very confusing at first but once the different Modes are known it is much easier to work with the items. Here I have given an overview of each mode for you, how to select them and what can be done with each of them.

Drag Mode/Default Mode

This mode has the following controls which can be used to modify items:

  • Q and E – rotate an item clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Z and X – similar to Q and E but will make a 45° jump in the rotation.
  • F1 enlarges an item and F2 shrinks it.
  • shift – while holding shift and using one of the previously mentioned actions, it is possible to accelerate the function. For example, enlarging an object (F1) while pressing shift will enlarge it much faster but in a less granular way.
  • alt – while holding alt it is possible to change the rotational direction of the object. Now an object will not rotate horizontally on the plane but sideways instead.
  • ctrl – similar to alt but it will now rotate forward or backward.
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Selection Mode

This mode is very interesting because it allows the levitation of objects. It has similar controls to Drag Mode but it also allows the alteration of the vertical and horizontal positioning of an item with the arrow keys. Once an object is selected it is possible to hold the ctrl key and use the arrow keys to move the item up and down. This way it is possible to freely place the item anywhere you desire.

Build Home Mode

In order to place an item press the tab key or select the Item Arrange button. Then a window should pop up. This window will probably be partially obscured on the left side. So, you should move the window in order to see the tabs. In the first Tab, you can select an owned item and place it in the world. I recommend ticking the Only show stash stocks option.

Place an item first. The buttons on the right side of the build controls will help us to manipulate it. The third button labeled Select Items or Select Buildings can be used to toggle between the selection of a house or other items like decoration, trees, and tiles. This means that in order to interact with items the option selected should be Select Items, but in order to interact with a house, it should be Select Buildings.

Once the correct option is selected, you can interact with the desired item using two different modes, the Drag Mode and the Selection Mode. Always check which mode is active because the controls for modification are different in each mode.

2546984177 preview advanced floating house


With this, I will now conclude my guide on housing in Swords of Legends Online. Hope you found it useful. How are you enjoying playing this game? Let us know in the comments section. For more such topics check out some of our other posts here. I will be back with more useful stuff soon. Till then have a great day!

Last Updated on January 15, 2022

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