The First Descendant – Bunny: Best Builds And Abilities

In the realm of The First Descendant, Bunny emerges as a figure of immense intrigue and prowess. Possessing unique abilities and skills, this character stands as a testament to creativity and strategic thinking within the game’s universe. Delving into Bunny’s build and abilities unveils a world of possibilities and challenges, shaping the narrative of gameplay and exploration.

Best Builds & Abilities For Bunny In The First Descendant

Best Builds & Abilities For Bunny In The First Descendant

Basic Bunny Overview & Stats

Passive: Rabbit Foot

Bunny gains an electricity meter that powers her skills. The meter fills as she moves faster and covers more distance. It depletes gradually when idle. Bunny can double jump and deals damage upon landing (128.8% of her skill power) in a 4-meter area.

Skill 1: Thrill Bomb

Throws a bomb at the nearest enemy, dealing minor damage and applying the Elecotruction debuff. This debuff shocks the enemy every second for three seconds. Initial damage is 130.3% of skill power, with each tick of the debuff dealing 46.8% of skill power. Damage scales with the maximum electricity Bunny had when casting.

Skill 2: Speed of Light

Spends 16 MP per second to increase sprint speed by 50%. Moving quickly generates electricity at a rate of 0.6% per meter.

Skill 3: Lightning Emission

Emits a lightning pulse around Bunny, dealing 139.7% of her skill power plus an additional 1% per 10% of her current electricity meter.

Ultimate: Maximum Power

Discharges all stored electricity into a massive energy beam, damaging all enemies it touches. Each tick of the beam deals 471.9% of skill power, with damage increasing at higher skill levels. The beam continues to damage enemies for several cycles before dissipating.

How To Play With Bunny

In The First Descendant, Bunny’s gameplay centers on effectively managing her unique electricity mechanic. Her passive ability, Rabbit Foot, grants her an electricity meter that powers her skills.

To maximize her effectiveness, prioritize using her Speed of Light skill to generate electricity while moving. This skill boosts electricity production significantly, ensuring Bunny can unleash powerful attacks when needed. Reserve her MP usage for situations where quick replenishment of electricity is crucial during combat engagements.

In combat scenarios, it’s essential to have a full electricity bar before deploying Bunny’s skills, particularly her main abilities like Lightning Emission and Thrill Bomb.

Lightning Emission proves invaluable for clearing mobs due to its area-of-effect damage potential. By strategically positioning Bunny and utilizing this skill when fully charged, players can swiftly clear objectives or handle groups of enemies efficiently.

On the other hand, Thrill Bomb serves as Bunny’s single-target option, applying the Elecotruction debuff to enemies. While it deals minor initial damage, its utility lies in maintaining the debuff to increase vulnerability, especially against tougher adversaries or bosses. This skill’s low electricity cost makes it a sustainable choice throughout encounters.

Bunny’s ultimate ability, Maximum Power, stands out as a formidable tool against single targets, such as bosses. With a short cooldown and the ability to generate electricity rapidly through movement, Bunny can consistently unleash devastating bursts of damage. Timing its use strategically during critical phases of boss fights ensures maximum impact, helping Bunny contribute significantly to team success.

However, Bunny’s effectiveness is tempered by her relative fragility. Players must balance aggression with caution, utilizing cover effectively to mitigate incoming damage while maneuvering to generate electricity. This approach becomes crucial during defense objectives or swarm missions, where Bunny’s AoE capabilities shine brightest.

To enhance Bunny’s survivability and overall performance, consider outfitting her with defensive items and optimizing her build accordingly. This approach not only prolongs her presence in combat but also amplifies her damage potential over extended engagements. By mastering Bunny’s electricity mechanics and leveraging her versatile skill set, players can harness her full potential in The First Descendant’s challenging scenarios.

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Best Bunny Builds

Given Bunny’s playstyle in The First Descendant, her optimal weapon choices and build considerations are tailored to maximize her effectiveness in combat scenarios:

Bunny excels with weapons that complement her high mobility and close-quarters combat focus. A recommended primary weapon type includes SMGs or Assault Rifles that use common ammo types, such as the Thunder Cage, which deals electric shock damage to enemies. This weapon is particularly advantageous as it aligns with Bunny’s thematic electricity-based abilities.

Additionally, Bunny benefits from having a secondary weapon like a Launcher or Shotgun, preferably using purple ammo types. The Executor, for instance, is an ultimate weapon that scales its damage with Electroshock capabilities, making it a suitable choice to handle tougher enemies or situations where burst damage is crucial.

During gameplay, Bunny often finds herself swiftly moving through packs of mobs while utilizing her Lightning Emission skill. Therefore, equipping Shotguns and SMGs enhances her DPS output significantly in these close-range engagements. Assault Rifles can also prove useful for dealing with distant enemies harassing Bunny, providing versatility in combat situations.

It’s advisable to avoid Sniper or Scout Rifles due to their zoom-in playstyle, which can inadvertently drain Bunny’s electricity if she remains stationary while scoped. This drain is counterproductive to maintaining a full electricity meter for optimal skill usage. However, if a high-quality Reactor with Scout requirements is obtained, offering substantial skill damage buffs, it may warrant consideration. In such cases, ensure Bunny remains mobile even while scoped to mitigate electricity depletion.

Overall, building Bunny with weapons that complement her mobility, close-range combat proficiency, and electricity-themed abilities will enhance her performance across various mission objectives and combat scenarios in The First Descendant.

weapon to run with bunny build

When equipping Bunny in The First Descendant, focusing on mods and gear that enhance her survivability and skill effectiveness is key to maximizing her potential in combat:

Mods and Gearing:

Bunny’s inherent squishiness necessitates prioritizing Health modifiers wherever possible. Increasing her health pool helps to mitigate incoming damage, allowing her to endure longer in battles.

Tailor your gear selection based on the content you’re tackling. For Void instances, prioritize resistance mods that align with the enemies’ elemental attacks. Operations provide insight into the types of enemies and status effects encountered, guiding your choice of defensive gear.

Passive skill power improvements are crucial for Bunny as they enhance the damage output of her abilities. Understanding how skill power scales her skills allows you to optimize your gear choices accordingly.

When acquiring item sets, look for ones that boost skill power, electricity effects, and defensive stats. These sets are ideal for amplifying Bunny’s damage scalability while ensuring she remains resilient during engagements where mobility and quick damage output are crucial.

Weapon Mods:

For weapon mods, prioritize boosting ATK to maximize Bunny’s damage potential. Seek out additional Electricity mods to complement her theme and enhance her skill effectiveness.

Consider mods that increase ammo capacity, even if they slightly reduce damage per shot. More ammo translates to sustained damage output, which is valuable during extended encounters.

Incorporate Weakspot mods to capitalize on critical hits or vulnerable points on enemies, further increasing Bunny’s overall damage output.

Progression and Min-Maxing:

As you progress through the game, you’ll naturally acquire better defensive items and sets. Focus on improving your Mastery Rank and unlocking higher-tier Descendant and Weapon mods to tackle tougher difficulties effectively.

While striving to improve defensively, remember that gradual progression and steady advancement of Bunny’s capabilities are crucial. Avoid rushing into harder difficulties until Bunny and your gear are adequately prepared to handle increased challenges.

By strategically outfitting Bunny with mods and gear that emphasize health, skill power, and offensive capabilities, you’ll enhance her survivability and maximize her effectiveness in combat scenarios throughout The First Descendant.

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