The Long Dark | All Map Locations Explained

In this guide, you will find a list of Map locations in the game, The Long Dark. To be more specific, this has to do with the Survival Mode of the game. Upon completion of all these maps and their locations, you will unlock the Faithful Cartographer Achievement for the game. I will try to include the icons and the transitions you will make from one spot to the other while navigating the maps. The information you will see is from in-game, combined with the knowledge that the game developers shared themselves. Hence the wordings and images may be similar. I advise readers’ discretion while going through this guide. You will find a Table of Content below for ease of reference. Let’s check it out…

Table of Contents

All Map Locations in The Long Dark (Faithful Cartographer Achievement Guide)

As explained by the developers themselves, the listings will consist of Map Icons used to identify places of interest. The map will also contain Transition and Trigger locations. Here is a brief overview of what they are:

  • Icons: Major Locations and Region Transitions that you will see on your in-game map when zoomed in or zoomed out.
  • Location Triggers: These also appear on your in-game map, but as text-only when zoomed out.

Mystery Lake Map Locations

mystery lake map gamertagzero

Icon NamesLocation Trigger Names
  • Camp Office
  • Carter Hydro Dam
  • Forestry Lookout
  • Trapper’s Homestead
  • Leave Mystery Lake (Forlong Muskeg)
  • Leave Mystery Lake (Ravine)
  • Unnamed Pond
  • Train Loading Area
  • Rail Tunnel
  • Frozen Creek
  • Derailment
  • Lake Trail
  • Dave’s Quiet Clearing
  • Ice Fishing Huts
  • Logging Camp
  • Carter Hydro Dam
  • Max’s Last Stand
  • Lake Overlook
  • Trapper’s Homestead
  • Destroyed Lookout
  • Clearcut
  • Deadfall Area
  • Alan’s Cave

Coastal Highway Map Locations

coastal highway map gamertagzero

Icon NamesLocation Trigger Names
  • Abandoned Mine
  • Abandoned Lookout
  • Quonset Garage
  • To Ravine
  • To No. 3 Coal Mine (Crumbling Highway)
  • Rabbit Grove
  • Bear Creek Campground
  • Log Sort
  •  Coastal Townsite
  • Commuter’s Lament
  • Train Unloading
  • Fishing Camp
  • Silent Clearing
  • Jackrabbit Island
  • Abandoned Lookout
  • Misanthrope’s Homestead
  • The Tooth
  • Rockfall
  • Waterfront Cottages

Pleasant Valley Map Locations

Pleasant Valley map gamertagzero

Icon NamesLocation Trigger Names
  • Abandoned Mine (To Coastal Highway) (Shows as small Icon)
  • Signal Hill
  • Barn
  • Three Strikes Farmstead
  • Leave Pleasant Valley (To Ravine)
  • Farmhouse
  • Community Hall
  • To Timberwolf Mountain
  • Point of Disagreement
  • Burned Ridge Cave
  • Pensive Pond
  • Heartbreak Bridge
  • Long Curve
  • Upper Falls
  • Picnic Spot
  • Derelict Cabins
  • Hilltop Cave
  • Misty Falls Picnic Area
  • Lower Falls
  • Thomson’s Crossing
  • Skeeter’s Ridge
  • End of the Road
  • Pleasant Valley Outbuildings
  • Three Strikes Farmstead
  • Pleasant Valley Farmstead
  • Cascading Falls
  • Lonely Homestead
  • Contemplation Bridge
  • Signal Hill

Desolation Point Map Locations

Desolation Point Map GT0

Icon NamesLocation Trigger Names
  • Hibernia Processing
  • Lonely Lighthouse
  • The Riken
  • Leave Desolation Point (To Crumbling Highway)
  • Blocked Highway
  • Waterfall
  • Hibernia Processing
  • Broken Bridge
  • Little Island
  • Matt’s Truck
  • Katie’s Secluded Corner

Timberwolf Mountain Map Locations

Timberwolf Mountain map GT0

Icon NamesLocation Trigger Names
  • Mountaineer’s Hut
  • Wing
  • Wing
  • Tail Section
  • Leave Timberwolf Mountain (To Pleasant valley)
  • Mountaineer’s Hut
  • Landing Gear
  • Echo Ravine
  • Secluded Shelf
  • Echo Peak West
  • Engine
  • Engine
  • Andre’s Peak
  • Crystal Lake
  • Eric’s Falls
  • Deer Clearing
  • Summit
  • Echo Peak East
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Forlorn Muskeg Map Locations

Forlon Muskeg map GT0

Icon NamesLocation Trigger Names
  • Shortwave Tower
  • To Broken Railway
  • Leave Forlorn Muskeg (To Mystery Lake)
  • Poacher’s Camp
  • Bunkhouses
  • Poacher’s Camp
  • Shortwave Tower
  • Muskeg Overlook
  • Old Spence Family Homestead
  • Hat Creek
  • Marsh Ridge
  • Waterfall

Broken Railroad Map Locations

broken railroad map gt0

Icon NamesLocation Trigger Names
  • Leave Broken Railroad (To Forlorn Muskeg)
  • To Forlorn Muskeg (Icon Overlaps other Icon)
  • Maintenance Shed
  • Hunting Lodge
  • Locomotive Engine
  • Rickety Foot Bridge
  • Hunting Lodge
  • Landslide
  • Broken Bridge
  • Maintenance Yard
  • Hunter’s Blind

Mountain Town map Locations

mountain town map gt0

Icon NamesLocation Trigger Names
  • Paradise Meadows Farm
  • St. Christopher’s Church
  •  Orca Gas Station
  • Orca Gas Station
  • Leave Milton Region (To Mystery Lake)
  • To Forlorn Muskeg
  • Spruce Falls Bridge
  • Crashed Plane
  • Hermit’s Cabin
  • Spruce Falls Bridge
  • Graveyard
  • Paradise Meadows Farm
  • Wood Lot
  • Milton Park
  • Town of Milton
  • Radio Tower
  • Wood Lot
  • Picnic Area
  • Orca Gas Station
  • Wood Lot
  • Rocky Refuge
  • Crashed Plane

Ravine Map Locations

ravine map gt0

Icon NamesLocation Trigger Names
  • To Coastal Highway
  • To Mystery Lake
  • Enter Bleak Inlet Region
  • Ravine Basin
  • Raven Falls Trestle

Crumbling Highway Map Locations

Crumbling Highway map

Icon NamesLocation Trigger Names
  • To Coastal Highway
  • Leave Crumbling Highway (To Desolation Point)
  • Road Collapse
  • The Arch
  • Abandoned Harris Home

Winding River Map Locations

winding river map

Icon NamesLocation Trigger Names
  • Cave (To Pleasant Valley)
  • Carter Hydro Dam

Hushed River Valley Map Locations

Hushed River Valley map

Icon NamesLocation Trigger Names
  • Leave Hushed River Valley (To Mountain Town)
  • Quarrelling Falls
  • Lonely Cave
  • Watchful Falls
  •  Valley View Point
  • Banner Falls
  • Pensive Vista
  • Lake Cave
  •  Landslide
  • Mammoth Falls
  • Moose Overlook
  • Many Falls Vista
  • Hushed River
  • Twin Sisters Falls
  • Reclusive Falls
  • Mysterious Signal Fire
  • Monolith Lake
  • Peak Cave
  • Offset Falls
  • Long Shot Falls
  • Valley Cave
  • Cloudtop Falls
  • Little Bear and Cub Falls
  • Stairsteps Lake

Bleak Inlet Map Locations

bleak inlet map

Icon NamesLocation Trigger Names
  • Leave Bleak Inlet (Forlorn Muskeg)
  • Leave Bleak Inlet (Ravine)
  • Echo One Radio Tower
  • Fallen Lighthouse
  • Last Resort Cannery
  • Workshop
  • Summit at Ravine’s End
  • Lower Raven Falls
  • Pensive lookout
  • Echo One Radio Tower
  • Landslide
  • Long Bridge
  • Raven Crossing
  • Cannery Worker Residence
  • Fallen Lighthouse
  • Last Resort Cannery
  • Washed Out Trailer
  • Coastal Highway Terminus
  • Frozen Delta
  • Ravine’s End Waterfall

Take note that the above list is up-to-date as per my knowledge. If the developers decide to add new locations to the game, I will make sure to update this post with the correct details. The information rights are held by Hinterland Studio Inc. and the information used here for informative purposes only. The images are from in-game and the rest of the information has been compiled with the help of the community guide created by hinterland_community  [developer]. That will be all from this guide. Thanks for reading and I will see you soon with more of such content!

Last Updated on September 12, 2021

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