Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands | How To Get Goblin Pickaxe

In this guide, we’re going over the legendary Goblin Pickaxe in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. In this post, you are going to know all about how to get the Pickaxe and how to use it, what are its properties and just how good is it. Read the full guide to know about all the cool stuff about this legendary item.

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How To Get Goblin Pickaxe In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Goblin Pickaxe Loaction

Now in order to access it you do need to complete a side mission first. And that side mission is known as the goblins tired of forced opression which you can find on the Overworld or at BrightHoof. You can find it over by the bounty board near the golden chest.

Now we have access to mount craw and you’re going to be farming the ancient obelisk boss known as Pigwart. If you’re not familiar, the Ancient Obelisk is a mini encounter event in which you fight a bunch of enemies and then you get a boss afterwards.

And the boss at the end every time is going to be Pigwart. On your way over, you are going to find the save station. So when you save quite you’re going to spawn right here and that means that you can just re-fight the obelisk after you save quit over and over and try to go for the goblin pickaxe. Here is the exact map location:

Goblin Pickaxe Legendary Weapon Guide

Boss Fight

First we have to activate the obelisk and enemies will start spawning and this is in theme with mount crawl. So we’re gonna have a bunch of goblins to fight. If you have a good build you can get it done in like about a minute.

Goblin Pickaxe Legendary Weapon Guide

With his three health bars, each time you take one down, Pigwart goes immune and you have to wait a little bit and also he has some pretty strong attacks too. Try to use a decent build, otherwise you can struggle with melting him down for a quick farm.

Goblin Pickaxe Attributes

This is a Kleave manufacturer melee weapon and also comes in all elements for the red tags time is money friend.

Now I believe this quote has been thrown around quite a bit in the World of Warcraft community in which a goblin literally says time is funny friend. Also the quote does pop up in hearthstone too and at the bottom of the card we have the special effect listed.

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Whenever the fatemaker picks up gold, increases movement speed, spell cooldown rate and action skill cooldown rate by six percent for five seconds, stacks five times. So if you are picking up a lot of gold you’re going to get up to 30 for all those stats.


How To Play with Goblin Pickaxe

To make the pickaxe work,  it doesn’t have to be gold picked up from the pickaxe. You can pick up any gold and get the bonuses. On top of that this is also the ultimate team melee weapon, because if you pick up gold then your friends, if they have the goblin pickaxe on, will also get those bonuses. So it’s shared across the team as long as everybody has a goblin pickaxe on.

So pretty much, if you’re not rocking a melee build, this is the perfect utility weapon to increase all of your other stuff.

How Good Is The Goblin Pickaxe Actually

Now as for being a good melee weapon, it swings pretty fast. But at the moment end game melee builds are kind of poor and there is not much for this one too.

However, I will say it does swing pretty fast and maybe with the right synergies, you can get something great out of it. But for the most part the cooldown you get from the gold is the main feature of this weapon.

Anyways I think that’s gonna be it for this item guide today. Let me know below in the comments what you guys think about the Goblin Pickaxe. Personally it’s one of my favorite melee weapons for utility and I definitely recommend you guys use if you’re doing a non-melee build.

And yeah, if you guys did enjoy the guide, then please be sure to leave a comment. And if you really enjoyed it and want to see more Wonderland’s content then be sure to visit our homepage as well as Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Section. You guys have a great day and I will see you all later. Peace!

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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