TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge – How To Defeat Chrome Dome

The release of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Mutants: Shredder’s Revenge has gotten fans everywhere excited. You will fully dive into the nostalgic gameplay, arcade shooting, and battling style that has defined the era of heroes. Players will also come across various bosses, with Chrome Dome being one.

Another classic boss from the previous generation, the robot of the Foot Clan, Chrome Dome is a considerable challenge. He is one of the final bosses in your quest to reach Shredder himself.

Therefore, defeating him will be key and this is no easy task. In that regard, the following guide will tell you everything about Chrome Dome and how to eliminate him. 

TMNT Shredder's Revenge - Chrome Dome

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge – How to reach Chrome Dome

The robotic boss is found at the end of Episode 13, titled “Technodrome Redux.” However, he is not the sole boss in this Episode. Players and turtles will also have to beat General Traag in the early parts of Technodrome Redux.

Furthermore, as is the case with every Episode, there are challenges and secrets that players can complete. Though they are not mandatory, it bodes well for the overall gameplay. There are three challenges in Episode 13 as listed below: 

  1. Beat a single Stone Warrior through use of Super Attacks
  2. Use Power Pizza to take down two enemies. 
  3. Throw two enemies into the pits. 

As mentioned above, there are also secrets for players to find. However, Episode 13 only has two of them, which is less than the overall nature of the game. These two are: 

  • VHS Tape: You can get the tape within a crate that has Foot Clan symbol. There are many such crates, so do check thoroughly.
  • Crystal Shard: Again, it is inside a crate with Foot Clan markings. However, the shard can be found in the box that is near the base. 
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Chrome Dome is found after going through all of this and players will have to be on their guard right from the bat. 

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TMNT Shredder's Revenge - Beating Chrome Dome

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge – How to beat Chrome Dome

Chrome Dome is a difficult boss and his most dangerous attack is firing missiles from his back while moving. Additionally, he will also have Foot Soldiers alongside him which makes it tougher to reach him.

One of the disadvantages of the missiles from the Turtles’ perspective is that they will explode any where in the arena. So you are not sure where to go in order to avoid them.

Chrome Dome’s other attacks include moving quickly towards the players and firing an electrical discharge using his hands. The final danger for players is that Chrome Dome will disappear completely, and hit players off-screen, so that its not possible for you to see. 

You can hit the big robot at any point of time. Furthermore, you should make use of the Foot Soldiers, by throwing one of them at Chrome Dome.

That will make him reappear and stun him at the same time. This is the best time to attack as strongly as possible, and keeping at this process will help the Turtles defeat Chrome Dome. 

Last Updated on October 27, 2022

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