V Rising – Roof Bug and Sun Damage Inside Castle Causing Issues

Let us take a look at the details of this Roof Bug and whether or not there is a workaround for the ongoing issues inside V Rising. This post will be an information/guide for the same topic. So readers’ discretion is advised.

Roof Bug Causing Sun Damage Inside Castles – V Rising

This issue became prevalent after the latest “Hotfix” from V Risings’ developers. Everything seemed fine until the players went on to construct roofs to protect themselves from the harsh sun. Well, it was no use since the Sun fried them regardless.

As reported by many players, some parts of the roof went “missing,” and some were glitching all over the place. This caused the sunlight to get into the otherwise fortified castle. And the overall result was that a lot of players had to rebuild or worse, abandon their Castles.

Is There a Fix or Workaround for The Roof Bug?

Well, the answer to this is YES. There is a fix and also a workaround to this issue. I, along with many other players, have discovered these methods, so I will share them with you. 

  • First of all, you can Fix this issue by rebuilding a Wall. This is a hit-or-miss situation. This has worked for most players, but not all. The urgency of the hour is that you try whatever works for you, so go for this method.
  • Some players painstakingly rebuilt their base, and to their surprise, it worked for them! I personally will not recommend this method, but if you are desperate enough, try it out.
  • The only simple method to this issue is constructing Mist Braziers.
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How To Build A Mist Brazier?

Well, the answer lies in the Fundamentals of V Rising. Literally, it is in the “Fundamentals” option for your Building System. To Build a Mist Brazier:

  • Press “B” to open the Build tap and go to “Fundamentals.”
  • You only require 120 Stones to build a Mist Brazier.
  • Place it inside the Castle.
  • Fuel it with Bones, and there you go!

This will create a temporary mist over the area, blocking out the damaging effects of the Sun on you.

V Rising Mist Brazier

Until the developers get a patch or hotfix in to fix this issue, these will be your best bets to sort out the Roof Bug that causes Sun Damage. Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and do check out the V Rising section for more guides and information.

Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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