How to Increase FPS in V Rising: Improve Performance, Reduce Lag & More

Stunlock Studios’ Open-World Survival game ‘V Rising’ is the newest talk of the town. Released on 17th May 2022, the title was swift to gain traction among gamers as it continues to win the hearts of thousands of players across the globe.

Forbes has termed V Rising as a game about to blow up on Twitch,’ and for good reasons. Not only does the game boast unique and interesting gameplay, but it also provides players with some immersive visuals that enhance their gameplay experience.

How to Increase FPS in V Rising: Improve Performance

Due to the stunning graphics that V Rising offers, players can often face difficulties while trying to run the game on older machines. Problems like lag, stutters and low FPS can also be common on mid-tier PCs. If you’re facing these problems, here are some steps you can take to fix these issues:

Windows and General Settings

  • Turn off Xbox Game Bar and other recording software: Unless you’re specifically looking to record every second of your gameplay, the Xbox Game Bar and other recording software like Nvidia Instant Replay should always be turned off to maximize your game’s performance.
  • To turn off the game bar, simply type ‘Enable Xbox Game Bar’ in your Windows search and disable it from there.
  • You can turn off Nvidia Instant Replay by navigating to Geforce Experience and turning off Instant Replay from there. 
  • Enable Game Mode: The Game Mode in Windows is specifically designed to optimize your system’s performance while you’re playing games. To enable it, head over to the search bar, type ‘Game Mode’, and enable it from there. 
  • Power Options: You have to make sure that your system is using all the resources possible when playing heavy games. Go to your search bar, type ‘Power Options’, and change it from ‘Balanced’ to ‘High Performance’. 
  • Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling: This feature is only available on modern Nvidia GPUs but can significantly enhance your game’s performance and increase FPS when playing V Rising. To enable it, type ‘Graphic Settings’ in the search bar, find Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling and set it to ‘On’. 

In-Game Settings

  • In-Game Settings: To get the maximum possible FPS, play V Rising by disabling V-Sync. Turn down the graphics settings to as low as possible. You can keep the textures to medium but the rest of them should be low.
  • Shadows should be set to the lowest since that takes up the most CPU and GPU.
  • Set the additional options like Motion Blur, Depth of Field, and Blood Effects to Off.
  • The Anti-Aliasing option can be set to TAA but it can make the game look blurry.

V Rising Graphics Settings for performance

if you follow the above instructions carefully, you can run V Rising in decent Frames without hampering much of the performance or visuals. If you face any issues, let us know via the comment section below.

Last Updated on May 19, 2022

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