V Rising – Server Settings and VOIP Guide

This guide shows you some of the top server settings to configure for V Rising. It will make the Solo player experience more engaging. As a bonus, I have also included a short guide on VOIP in Server Settings. Check out the full guide for more details below.

V Rising Single Player Server Settings and VOIP Guide

Single Player Server Settings And VOIP For Server In V Rising

How To Make Game-play Harder

First, choose ‘Private Game.’ Set Server to PVE “hard” in Game Settings. If you’ve played a game like this previously, and aren’t completely new to gaming, or simply want a challenging PVE experience, I’d recommend this above Standard.

Advanced Options

Then proceed to the advanced options. Increase the “Resource Power Multiplier” to 3 or higher. Whacking resource nodes is tedious. Therefore, I recommend this unless you enjoy a mindless grind.

For the sake of comparison, 3 is a little longer than most items you can break in Minecraft with the correct equipment. With the default setting of 1, you’ll require about 20 seconds for each node or about 4 to 5 full weapon combos.

Sun Strength and Daytime Settings

Set the Sun Strength Multiplier to a maximum (of 5) to make it a more serious danger. You will start taking damage as soon as the sun hits you, but will still have plenty of time to get in the shade.

Set the day-night cycle to 3600 seconds, with the ‘Day Time duration’ set to *Medium*. This is to give the coffin sleep mechanic more meaning and to give players more incentive to build a base and to be in/near it.

Note: For Daytime length, I originally suggested ‘Long.’ I had it set to Medium, but my days were considerably shorter than my nights, so I figured that changing it to Long would even out the Day-Night cycle, but I was mistaken.

There appears to be no way to make the day and night lengths equal in time. Long Nights (Medium) or Long Days are the options (Long). I’m hoping they’ll repair it.

download 3

Decay Rate  and Others

Set the ‘decay rate’ to 0 to disable Castle decay. It only intended to clean up servers with an excessive number of abandoned bases.

  • Change the value of the “Blood essence drain rate” to 5 (Max).
  • It’s essentially base power, and anything less than 3 makes it a trait to overlook (Everything that has the essence of blood).
  • Change the value of “Durability Lost Multiplier” to 4 (Higher or lower based on how much you like this mechanic in other games).
  • It’s virtually a completely redundant factor at its default value of 1.
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Blood Bound Items and Other Settings

Uncheck the “blood-bound items” option. To give dying at least some significance. If you make it back to your corpse (you will drop everything), it can be reclaimed (Darksoul style).

  • Select “Teleport bound items” and uncheck it.
  • It’s a setting that allows for gank opportunities in PVP, but it’s merely an irritation in single-player because no PVE enemies are a threat when traveling. And make sure that is set to ‘Uncheck.’

How To Slow Down Progress

Make the advancement more difficult: everything will take longer to develop and craft, as well as cost more. The default settings are balanced for full loot in PVP, which is obviously far too generous for PVE. I use the following values for “crafting and building”:

(in order)

  • 2
  • 2
  • 0.1
  • 1
  • 0.25
  • 1
  • 1

Solo Play

Finally, make sure the box “only solo play” is checked. (I always create a password just in case the “solo play” setting doesn’t work properly.)

Note: If you set your “Resource Power Multiplier” higher than 3, you may wish to increase your Build expenses. If you wish to keep significant Crafting and Building but leave the server on the “normal” PVE setting:

Items and Others

In the “Items” section: Set everything to 0.75 or lower except the “inventory stack multiplier.”

  • Uncheck “Only solo play” if you’re worried about letting potential buddies in to play with you
  • Try to set these settings to be more intense, including increasing the damage that enemies can do.
  • Increase the maximum number of concurrent players to 60 and create a password.
  • Be aware that this may expose your World to Dev-mandated server wipes

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on enhancing one’s involvement with a single-player server.


VOIP On Private Servers Guide

This tutorial will show you how to set up VOIP on your own server.

v rising

How to Make VOIP Work

Aren’t you fortunate that you came across this guide? I’ll go over each step one by one as simple as possible. To begin, create an a.json file in your settings folder, which should contain all of your other settings, wherever they may be. It will look something like this:

{ "VOIPEnabled": true,
"VOIPIssuer": " ",
"VOIPSecret": " ",
"VOIPAppUserId": " ",
"VOIPAppUserPwd": " ",
"VOIPVivoxDomain": " ",
"VOIPAPIEndpoint": " ",
"VOIPConversationalDistance": 14,
"VOIPAudibleDistance": 40,
"VOIPFadeIntensity": 2.0 }


  • ServerVoipSettings.json will be the name of the file above.
  • The tricky aspect is that you’ll need the VIVOX API Keys to make this work.
  • You’ll need to register for VOIP and create an organization.
  • Visit the following website: https://developer.vivox.com

You will then allow yourself VOIP access using the information from the aforementioned file. You’re wonderful for putting VOIP on your server.

I believe it will grow more difficult to obtain VOIP because the more individuals that apply, the more approvals they will receive and the more difficult it will be to get by under scrutiny.

Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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