Valheim – Game Engine Used To Create Game

Let us have a look at the game engine used to develop the highest-selling survival game of all time on Steam, Valheim. This should come as a huge surprise for players who are curious about how this game was made!

Game Engine Used To Make Valheim


Yes, you read that right! The game engine used to create Valheim is Unity! The Viking survival epic was created using none other than the “free to start” and easy-to-use Unity. Isn’t that a surprise?

Well, because in the past, creators have used this engine to make some really awful, goofy-looking games. But for an engine that is free, the game Valheim looks really well done.

This is majorly owed to the fact that the quality of a game usually has more to do with the developers than the engine.

However, Unity’s graphics rendering pipelines have come a long way. You can make really nice-looking games in Unity nowadays (see HDRP).

People need to know that Unity is and always was a good engine, but it’s free to begin with, and easy to use, so people started using it to make unpolished games, and its reputation went down.

The UE4 engine is free to use, too but quite hard to learn, so more beginners go towards Unity. Unity uses C# rather than C++, which is many times more user-friendly at the expense of processing speed.

Another genuinely good-looking game that is made by Unity is Rust.

Valheim Gameplay Guide

The game Valheim is an open-world survival game. As fallen Vikings, players must fight enemies and build shelters. Valheim uses low-resolution stylized 3D graphics and has a combat system inspired by action games.

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Players create their own Viking characters after starting by selecting a character class, such as warriors, rangers, or shamans. They can then create a world that is procedurally generated from a map seed.

Each world is split into several biomes, such as meadows, the Black Forest, swamps, mountains, plains, oceans, the Mistlands, the Deep North, and the Ashlands.

Each biome has its own unique enemy creatures, items, and bosses that change how difficult it is to survive there. Valheim operates on an in-game day and night cycle.

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Last Updated on February 19, 2024

5 thoughts on “Valheim – Game Engine Used To Create Game”

  1. I think the game that most impressively shows what Unity can do is Escape from Tarkov. I’m working on my first mobile game in Unity, and even though I have a little over a decade of professional software development experience in .NET/C#, I feel like a total idiot using Unity. I can barely do anything before I get stuck or have to look up tutorials, lol. It’s very accessible to make games with, but it’s not simple.

    1. I agree on the ease of usage part. It is not simple at all, but the outcomes are splendid. And I wish you the best of luck in your development.

  2. Unity is not free, stop lying.

    Personal version is, but you can’t do anything more advanced in it. Fully featured full engine is UE4 and cryengine fork from Amazon.

    1. I’m sorry, I’ve been using Unity LTS personal version since the last five years and I am not sure what you mean by “fully featured”? Do you mean the analytics and diagnostics tools? or the internal collaboration tools? (which i think has been deprecated).
      License link:

      Besides that what do you mean by no full features? I want to understand your view on this from a more in depth perspective.

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