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Let us have a look at the game engine used to develop the highest-selling survival game of all time on Steam, Valheim. This should come as a huge surprise for players who are curious about how this game was made! Of course, the credit for the gameplay, mechanics, graphics, and other aspects of the game lies entirely with the developers whose sheer hard work and passion made Valheim the success it is today! For those who might be wondering which game engine they used, check out this post!

Game Engine Used To Make Valheim


Yes, you read that right! The game engine used to create the Viking survival epic was none other than the free and easy-to-use Unity. Isn’t that a surprise? Well because in the past, creators have used this engine to make some really awful, goofy-looking games. But for an engine that is free, the game Valheim looks really well done. This is majorly owed to the fact that the quality of a game usually has more to do with the developers than the engine.

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However, Unity’s graphics rendering pipelines have come a long way. You can make really nice-looking games in Unity nowadays (see HDRP). People need to know that Unity is and always was a good engine, but it’s free and easy to use, so people started using it to make goofy-looking games, and its reputation went down. The UE4 engine is free to use too but quite hard to learn, so more beginners go towards Unity. Unity uses C# rather than C++, which is many times more user-friendly at the expense of processing speed. Another genuinely good-looking game that is made by Unity is Rust.

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