Outriders | Best Pyromancer Build Guide for Endgame

This will be a post on Outriders Best Pyromancer build. With the help of this build, you are going to be shredding enemies and soloing tier 15 expeditions with ease.

This build has some crazy damage output and also really easy to use. It will really come in handy in your end-game missions. Do check out this post and stay glued to your computer screens for more content on Outriders.

Outriders Best Pyromancer Build For Endgame

outriders best build guides

In this guide, I am going to be breaking down all of the weapons I am using along with the mods, armor, skills, and skill tree for the best pyromancer build for endgame.

Pyromancer Weapons and Mods for the Build⇓

  • Vampiric Mag and Vein Ripper 
  • Bleeding Bullets
  • Bulwark – Has bleeding bullets
  • Ultimate Ash Bullets – Good for Ash Damage build
  • Volcanic Rounds – Must Have

If I use Vampiric Mag and Vein Ripper, the ideal weapon should have ultimate bleeding bullets on it. Bulwark comes with this mod and is a very handy mod.

If you are doing Ash damage, Ultimate Ash Bullets is the way to go. Keep that status up all the time and watch it do work on enemies.

Volcanic Rounds will be your bread and butter for this build so try to build the weapons and armors around single target damage and DPS.

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Pyromancer Skill Tree Build⇓

  • Full Top Tree Build
  • Weapon damage, cooldown, and leech
  • Assault Master
  • Trial of The Ashes – Required Node
  • Resistance Piercing and Ash Duration
  • Ash Inflict Vulnerable
  • Immobilized Doubles Weapon Leech
  • Feed the flames and Ash Blast – will give good results with the build

First, we are going to start off with the skill tree which is going to be a fully top tree build. What you need here is weapon damage, cooldown, and weapon leech.

The weapon leech is actually quite relevant as the enemies in tier 15 deal and lot of damage and being able to heal while shooting somebody is really cool.

So it’s better to just max out on that. I definitely recommend adding the Assault Master as your skill node. You can also use Sniper Master but it can be difficult to keep Volcanic Rounds up.

Other key nodes would be Trial Of The Ashes. Enemies afflicted with ash are going to receive 10X more damage. Then we are going to grab some Resistance Piercing and Ash Duration because that is going to coincide with Trial of the Ashes.

Then we are going to have Ash Inflict Vulnerable because the ash bullets we have in our weapon are going to ash enemies and also inflict vulnerable, 2 for 1. And then we are going to grab more weapon leech and also activate Immobilized Doubles Weapon Leech.

This is going to increase your damage resistance and damage dealt against elites. Go for the big Trial of the Ashes that deals 30% more damage to enemies and also the capstone Burning Situation.

You will get more consistent results with the help of Feed the Flames and Ash Blast. As long as you use them alternatively you will always have this 45% damage boost.

Finally, add a little more cooldown so you can always keep this up and now we are done with the skill tree.

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Pyromancer Skills Builds⇓

  • Feed The Flames – Build for spamming on enemies
  • Ash Blast – Build For spamming on emeies
  • Volcanic Rounds – Main Build for DPS and level clear

Now that we have got the skill tree out of the way we are going to have a look at the skills we are going to be using. Previously I talked about Feed The Flames, Ash Blast, and Volcanic Rounds.

You will see that with the right gear you can get your cooldown quite low. You are going to be spamming Ash Blast and Feed The Flames which is going to help you survive and deal way more damage.

Volcanic Rounds never really run out but if they do it’s only for like 18 seconds. I can lower this a little more with a passive change with the right kind of gear. Just go full damage mode with these!

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Pyromancer Armor and Mods⇓

  • Head – Sergio’s Beret
  • Chest Armor – Bullet Absorption + Reforging Bullets
  • Vampiric Mag + Vein Ripper – Alternative
  • Pants – Susceptibility
  • Ash Cleaner
  • Boots – Mitigation of Death (phantom dash if the former is missing)

Now jumping to armor, I really like to use Sergio’s Beret. This is really powerful stuff right here. Single target damage is going to ramp up real fast and it basically doubles your damage.

For my chest piece, I am using Bullet Absorption and Reforging Bullets. This is how you are going to keep Volcanic Rounds active. Just make sure you spam this ability and you will never run out of ammo in your magazine.

This is fantastic for single target damage. You are basically going to be critting your enemies. Alternatively, you can also use the combination of Vampiric Mag and Vein Ripper to restore ammo and maintain Volcanic Rounds.

Even with bosses, you can shoot them 100 times without running out of ammo. But do make sure you are aiming for your crits. I know with auto-aim in consoles it can be difficult but do keep aiming for the crits. Then for the pants, I am using Susceptibility.

This is the tier 3 Volcanic Rounds mod from the Torturer Chess Piece. If you guys get the chess piece make sure you dismantle it and throw that on your purples.

The chest piece itself is going to hurt your damage and so we are not using the Torturer set itself. Then go for Ash Cleaner.

This is a good source of extra damage. Now finally the mod which I am using is Phantom Dash. You can alternatively use Mitigation of Death also. This is going to increase your armor for every kill you get.

Earlier, I used Golem but that is patched. Previously it bugged out and stayed on, granting 60% damage reduction. I mainly use Mitigation of Death instead of that.

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That’s it for now. That’s all we have in this guide for you. Be sure to watch out for our latest posts on Outriders. We are going to be posting about a new cool Devastator build soon.

Hope you had a good day and you liked this guide. Stay safe, have fun. This is yo dude Spider Monkey signing off with Hola!

Last Updated on February 13, 2024

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