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The following is an Items/Units Reference Guide for the game Warpips. The weapons of the game have been classified under different headings with their attributes. Here you will find a comprehensive list of each and every item in the game. Do check them out from below and let me know if you find this information useful.

SWOT Analysis of Items/Units in Warpips

Follow this table below to know everything about the items:

Friendly Units Strength/Weakness

Tanks-Incredibly high HP. Highly effective against enemy tanksSlow at killing massed infantry
Puma-Best all-rounder in the game. Highly effective against enemy jeepsVery low armor vs. anti tank weaponry. Weak against RPG
LRV-A solid damage sponge + anti infantry unit. Use it with Tanks, or against buggyPoor vs. anti tank weaponry + enemy vehicles. Weak against Howitzer + RPG.
Sniper-Very long range. Use RPG + sharpshootersVery expensive and easily overrun by vehicles. Don’t use against Vehicles + howitzers.
HG-Best all-round infantry in the game. Use against Massed infantryExpensive + short range. Don’t use against Howitzers + rockets.
Shield pip-Fantastic at absorbing damage. Use with other infantry + TOWDeals virtually no damage. Don’t use with vehicles.
Tactician-Big blob clearer. Use with Massed infantry.Very long time between artillery strikes. Don’t use with vehicles.
Warpip-Fantastic all-rounder and very cheap. Use to survive rushes.Quite low HP. Don’t use with base turret/small turret.
Pipsqueaks-The best auxiliary unit because it is free. Use with vehicles + small turrets.Dies very quickly. Don’t use with Gas pips + structures.
Doggos-The best anti-hero unit + very cheap. Use against heroes.Very long cooldown. 
Smoke grenades-Great way to clear mines + affect visibility. Use against mines.Very long cooldown.
Gas grenades-Great way to clear mines + damage infantry. Use against mines. Very long cooldown. 
Drones-Most consistent way to deal with howitzers. Use against howitzers + mines.Limited supply + not free. 
Dumbfire rockets-Good Vs massed infantry + mines. Use with Massed infantry + mines.Can’t manually aim. Weak on early missions.
High priority rockets-Good Vs heroes + stationary vehicles. Use on last few missions.Can’t manually aim. Not so good on earlier than last missions.
Bulwark missiles-Can delete anything + manual aim + free. Good vs. howitzers + last few missions.Start on cooldown + very low amount. Not good on easy missions.
Airstrike-Can destroy a huge amount of enemies. Excellent vs tanks + last few missions.Very long cooldown + starts on cooldown. Not good on easy missions.
Base turret-Great to build up cash at start of mission. Good on short maps + vs. RPG + sharpshootersNeeds the upgrades to be fully effective. Not good on easy missions.
Phalanx-Drastically improved version of base turret. Excellent in last few missions.Very rare. Not so good apart from last few missions.
Oil drums-Free money. Good for short maps.Not much money. Not so good on easy missions.
Stimpak-Massive health boost and heal. Use with HG and shield pip.Doesn’t last very long. Not good with Pipsqueaks + vehicles.
Sandbags-Fantastic defense for the turrets (small + TOW). Good with turrets.Enemies can benefit from them. Don’t use with HG + vehicles.
Barbed wire-Good Vs pistol pips. Use on maps with no attacking vehicles.Not worth the cash. Don’t use on maps WITH attacking vehicles.
Small turret-A fantastic decoy when paired with sandbags. Use with Pipsqueaks + on island 1.Quite expensive. Don’t use without sandbags.
TOW turret-Fantastic value + doesn’t use pip supply. Use vs. enemy jeeps + structures.Very low HP. Don’t use without sandbags.
Mines-Most efficient anti vehicle item. Use on Heroes + jeeps.Can’t be used offensively + vulnerable to rockets. Don’t use against rockets.
Oil derrick-More cash! Use on large maps.Low HP. Don’t use Without vehicles or on small maps.
Pump jack-Lots more cash! Use on boss missions.Very rare. Don’t use without vehicles or on small maps.
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Enemy Units Vulnerabilities + Dangers

Pistol pip-None.All.
Shotgunner-High HP, high damage. Short range.
Warfighter-Long range. Low HP.
UAZ + Warmule-Have to destroy before able to attack objective. Slow to reinforce.
Sharpshooter-Very long range + high damage. Very low HP. 
RPG-Very high damage. Good against Puma + LRV.Slow reload. Weak against Sniper + HG.
Gas pip-AOE damage + high HP. Strong against Pipsqueaks.Slow reload. Weak against HG + small turrets.
Tanya-Very high DPS. Use Doggos + vehicles.Easy to counter. Don’t use only infantry.
Bubba-Wide cone of attack. Use Doggos + vehicles.Fairly easy to counter. Don’t use only infantry.
Buggy-High DPS. Use Shield pip + any infantry.Low HP for a vehicle. Don’t use Infantry without shield or HG.
Gruz (jeep)-Very high DPS vs. infantry. Use Puma + TOW/mines.Low armor Vs anti tank weaponry. Don’t use only infantry.
Tank-Very high HP. Use Tanks, ic7, airstrikes.Poor Vs massed infantry. Don’t use Puma or LRV.
Guard tower-Very good anti infantry. Use Vehicles.Can’t shoot vehicles. Don’t use Pipsqueaks.
Defensive turret-Good all-round turret. Use Vehicles.Limited ammo. Don’t use Pipsqueaks.
Howitzer-Very good damage vs. blobs. Use Drones, pumas, ic7, tanks.Can easily be countered. Don’t use Warpips + tacticians.
Mines-Very dangerous when not equipped properly. Use Grenades, drones, rockets, doggos.Can easily be countered. Don’t use Opposite of those in the adjacent column
Barbed wire-Slows down infantry and deals damage. Use Vehicles, drones, tacticians.Vehicles can destroy. Don’t use Pipsqueaks.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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