Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – All Spell Modifiers List

In this guide, I will show you a list of all Modifiers for Spells in this game. Spells are an integral part of Wonderlands, and it comes in handy for almost all the builds that you do for casual and hardcore gameplay.

Wonderlands all spell modifiers

All Spell Modifiers Listed in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Many say that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is an upgrade for new and old players, coming from Borderlands 3. I would somewhat agree with this due to how immersive the gameplay of Wonderlands is. Much of it is credited to its unique Spells, Legendaries, and certain Modifiers.

Here, I will list each spell and its respective modifiers list as mentioned in the game itself. These points are universal in nature, hence the wording can be similar to other posts. I highly advise readers’ discretion during the reading of this guide.

Kindly take note that there are certain prefixes to the spell names. If any of the names are missing or incorrect, as per your knowledge, kindly let me know in the comments below. I will be making the required changes as soon as I can.

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Ice Spike Spell Modifiers

This list contains all spell modifiers for Ice Spike. Check it out:

  • Storming Ice Spike – Create a storm in the area.
  • Splintering Ice Spike – Spells deal 1% increased Damage for each spike stuck in the target. Spikes last 4 seconds.
  • Trickster’s Ice Spike – Spawn ice spikes that bounce between targets.
  • Impaling Ice Spike – Summons an ice spike from the ground.
  • Triple Ice Spike – Casts several ice spikes in quick succession.

Hawk Spell Modifiers

This list contains all spell modifiers for Hawk. Check it out:

  • Twin Spectral Talons – Summons multiple spectral wyverns.
  • Flock of Spectral Talons – A spectral wyvern releases smaller damaging wyverns along its path.
  • Ensnaring Spectral Talons – A spectral wyvern draws in nearby enemies as it flies.

Bolt Spell Modifiers

This list contains all spell modifiers for Bolt. Check it out:

  • Dancing Arc Torrent – Lightning will chain to nearby enemies.
  • Bonding Arc Torrent – Throw a charged shard that arcs lightning at nearby enemies.
  • Cloudburst Arc Torrent – Calls down a lightning bolt.

Fissure Spell Modifiers

Here are all the modifiers related to the Fissure Spell in Wonderlands:

  • Quaking Sunder – Sends a second burst of energy through the fissure, sending another shock of damage through the original damage area and branching out towards nearby enemies.
  • Enduring Sunder – Fissure Lingers for a few seconds, dealing additional damage over time.
  • Arcing Sunder – Hit enemies will chain elemental damage to nearby enemies.

Circle of Protection Spell Modifiers

Here are all the modifiers related to the Circle of Protection Spell in Wonderlands:

  • Fortifying Sigil – Increases all damage by 20% while inside and heals for 8% of health every second.
  • Empowering Sigil – Reduced radius, increased damage resistance, attaches to the caster.
  • Vigilant Sigil – Sigil spawns hydra turrets to fire on enemies.
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Fireball Spell Modifiers

This is a list of all spell modifiers for fireball:

  • Molten Elemental Blast – Leave an elemental splat on the ground.
  • Massive Elemental Blast – Larger, slower fireball. Increased damage and damage radius.
  • Pulsing Elemental Blast – Sticky.
  • Multiplying Elemental Blast – Fires 3 fireballs at once.
  • Luring Elemental Blast – Spawns a hydra on impact.

Hydra Spell Modifiers

All Modifiers for Hydra Spell in the game:

  • Haunting Hydra – Summons an Elemental Sprite Companion that follows the targeted enemy, attacking it with magical projectiles.
  • Defending Hydra – Summons a Hydra Companion that deals damage periodically to enemies nearby.
  • Three-Headed Hydra – Summons a Hydra Companion with additional heads, firing more projectiles.
  • Devouring Hydra – Summons a Hydra Companion that will spawn another Hydra whenever an enemy damaged by it is killed. Has a small chance to spawn an additional Hydra when damaging a boss.

Magical Missile Spell Modifiers

Magical Missiles have unique traits when it comes to spells:

  • Bursting Magic Barrage – Projectiles burst on impact and ricocheted toward nearby enemies.
  • Overwhelming Magic Barrage – Launches additional projectiles.
  • Cascading Magic Barrage – Launches additional projectiles over time toward other nearby enemies.
  • Concentrated Magic Barrage – Launches x fast, high-damaging projectile(s).

Eruption Spell Modifiers

Eruption deals AoE damage as well as a large volume of damage to crowds of enemies.

  • Discharging Eruption – Leave a splat after detonation.
  • Quaking Eruption – Repeat the spell in a large radius around the initial blast.
  • Consuming Eruption – Spawns a singularity and erupts after a short delay.
  • Colliding Eruption – Knocks back all enemies hit by the eruption.

Meteor Spell Modifiers

Meteor works, as the name suggests. Calls in a meteor from the sky that lands on the target, dealing massive damage.

  • Raining Calamity – Rains multiple small meteors down in the area.
  • Imminent Calamity – Fall speed is greatly increased.
  • Extinction Calamity – The meteor slows as it falls damaging nearby enemies.
  • Blazing Calamity – Meteor releases a ring of projectiles on impact.
  • Consuming Calamity – Pulls enemies into the meteor location.

If you feel like adding any other Spell modifiers to the list, feel free to comment down below. If any of the modifiers is left, kindly take note of that and let me know. I shall update the post with the same as soon as possible.

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Last Updated on February 6, 2024

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