WWE 2K24: How to Throw Weapons/Objects – Ultimate Guide

WWE 2K24 has introduced an exciting new gameplay feature – the ability to throw weapons and objects. This seemingly small addition packs a punch, revolutionizing gameplay dynamics and offering strategic advantages. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of weapon throws, providing step-by-step instructions and valuable tips to maximize their effectiveness in the ring.

How To Throw Weapons/Items In WWE 2K24

Understanding the Importance of Weapon Throws:

Weapon throws offer a strategic advantage, allowing players to attack opponents from a distance and counter-targeting issues. Utilizing weapon throws can stun opponents and inflict significant damage, shifting the momentum of the match in your favor.

Initiating Weapon Throws:

To execute a weapon throw, ensure you’re playing a no-disqualification stipulation match, enabling the use of weapons. Head to the ringside and locate a weapon, either under the ring or around the ringside area. Approach the opponent but maintain a safe distance to execute the throw effectively.

Executing Weapon Throws:

Select your weapon using the designated controls (L1/LB to pick up, Square/X to attack). Once positioned at a suitable range, initiate the throw by double-tapping Circle (PlayStation) or B (Xbox). Experiment with different angles and distances to master the art of precision throws.

Weapon Selection and Usage:

WWE 2K24 offers an array of weapons, including steel chairs, ladders, tables, kendo sticks, and sledgehammers. Each weapon can be thrown to inflict maximum damage, providing diverse tactical options during gameplay. Be mindful of the referee in standard matches, as hitting them with a weapon results in disqualification.

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Controls Reference:

  • Pick Up Weapon: L1 (PlayStation) / LB (Xbox)
  • Attack with Weapon: Square/X (PlayStation) / X/A (Xbox)
  • Throw Weapon: Double-tap Circle (PlayStation) / Double-tap B (Xbox)

Tips for Effective Weapon Throws:

Experiment with different weapons to discover which suits your playstyle best. Utilize weapon throws strategically to create distance, set up combos, or interrupt opponent attacks. Keep track of the durability of each weapon, ensuring timely replacements to maintain offensive momentum.


Weapon throws in WWE 2K24 introduce a dynamic element to gameplay, offering players new avenues for strategic expression and thrilling combat encounters. By mastering the art of weapon throws and incorporating them into your gameplay repertoire, you can dominate the ring and emerge victorious in the ultimate showdowns.

Additional Notes:

Stay updated with patches or updates that may tweak gameplay mechanics, including weapon throws, to adapt your strategies accordingly. Practice consistently to hone your skills and explore advanced techniques for weapon utilization within the game.

WWE 2K24 – FAQs

Which items can be hurled in WWE 2K24 matches?

There is an extensive array of throwable objects available in WWE 2K24, ranging from steel chairs to tables, and learn how to utilize them strategically during gameplay.

How can I perform weapon throws in WWE 2K24?

Know the step-by-step process to execute powerful weapon throws in WWE 2K24, including precise controls and effective tactics for dominating your opponents.

Is it possible to customize my throwing abilities in WWE 2K24?

There are a lot of customization options offered in WWE 2K24 to enhance your throwing skills, including character-specific upgrades and personalized techniques.

Last Updated on March 17, 2024

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