Aliens: Fireteam Elite | Classes, Skills And Skill Tree Guide

Here’s a look at the Fireteam Classes and how to play in these roles and basic tips. This guide will include general tips that apply to all classes, the roles of each individual class in a fireteam, and the skill trees themselves. 

My playstyle is not necessarily the same as yours and vice versa, but there are still some basic rules that govern how you need to work together in the game to get the job done. This becomes especially important on the higher difficulties. So check out the guide.

Guide For All 5 Classes And Skill Tree In Aliens: Fireteam Elite



Overclock: Increases fire rate for player and nearby allies, increases player reload speed.
Frag Grenade: A grenade that detonates on impact.


Stay on Target: Dealing damage grants bonus damage stacks, which caps at 10. When the player stops dealing damage these stacks decay.

The Gunner class is the basic Grunt. It doesn’t specialize in anything so it doesn’t have any particular strengths, nor any particular weaknesses. The Gunner has two weapon slots, namely, a rifle slot, and a CQW (close-quarters weapon) slot.

Overclock helps the team to shoot faster while Frag grenades deal with groups of runners. Later on, there are skill upgrades for overclocking that increase and adds new benefits for the player and his teammates.

On a fireteam, a Gunner will not take care of CC (crowd control) or supply overwhelming firepower, but do a little bit of both. By having both a rifle and shotgun, they have all ranges covered. They can use one weapon to thin the numbers, and the other to kill that big one charging in.



Micro Rockets: Launches 3 rockets that detonate on impact, dealing damage to the area and staggering anything that it hits.
Blastwave: Releases a concussion blast, knocking enemies away and dealing damage.


Clear the Room: Activating an ability grants 1 stack, and every enemy hit increases the stack by 1. For every stack of Clear the Room, gain 2.5% gun damage that lasts for 15 seconds. Gaining a new stack makes previous ones expire.

The Demolisher has 2 weapon slots: a rifle slot, and a Heavy weapon slot. Demolisher is exactly what you expect from its class name, the heavy that brings in the overwhelming firepower to the situation.

The Demolisher does not really have any weapons designed for close range, instead, he is equipped to destroy everything that gets close to the fireteam. Later, skill tree unlocks give him the extra stagger power (and/or resist) plus ways to debilitate enemies hit by skills so they can be dealt even more damage.

There are two major downsides to this class, however. One is that they have no weapon designed for close quarters, so point-blank can be an issue for a Demolisher that does not have Blastwave ready. Another is that their heavy weapon can easily extinguish ammo fast.

This means that on higher difficulties where your max ammo is reduced, you may need to rely quite a bit on your sidearm.



Sentry Turret: Places a 360 turret in front that will automatically fire at enemies. After placing it you can pick it up to redeploy.
Charged Coils: Throw a device that lodges into the target, zapping everything in the area (as well as the xenomorph it’s lodged in), damaging enemies and reducing movement. This ability can also be thrown on any surface (walls, ceilings, floors).


Cross-Platform Synergy: Allies near your turret take 10% less damage, and when you stand near it, it regenerates 5% health/sec.

The Technician’s 2 slots are Hand Gun and CQW. A Technician’s firepower on its own is, compared to the other classes, fairly weak. However, the Technician’s kit provides valuable support.

With proper application of his kit, a Technician can turn any tough horde fight into mere target practice. It is the only class with true CC abilities.

Charged coils are especially good at CC since it slows down anything touched by its electrical radius while also giving an electrified damage effect.

It can also be upgraded later in the skill tree to reduce the damage taken from enemies while under its effect. This makes it easier to keep enemies away and for other members to use AoE skills to take out large groups at once.

A Technician’s other skill, the Sentry Turret is comparatively a little less useful. However, for any horde onslaught or any time, a larger number of xenomorphs are incoming, the turret provides additional firepower while also giving a damage reduction aura.

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The turret’s damage can be increased, and it can have infinite ammo and duration until it is either picked up or destroyed.



Trauma Station: Places a small kit on the ground which projects an aura. Standing in the aura will heal anyone injured within it over time, however, its supply is limited. Can be picked up and redeployed at will.
Combat Stims: Increases your accuracy and stability by 50%, your stamina regen by 30%, and all nearby allies will gain 15% movement speed.


For each nearby ally, your ability recharge rate increases by 15%. Picking up an aid kit will restore a portion of your Trauma Station’s energy.

The Doc has a Rifle and a Hand Gun slot. Mostly self-explanatory, the Doc class has a unique healing method that does not involve aid kits, and also a team buff skill.

Doc also draws advantage from the group sticking together, through his passive. The Doc’s firepower is average like the Technician, but that isn’t his primary role.

While the Technician assists the team by disrupting xenomorphs, the Doc assists it by making the members faster and keeping them healthy.

Trauma Station as the skill states involves laying down a device on the ground and projecting an aura. An injured team member who steps within this aura will have their health quickly regenerated while depleting energy from the Station.

Only members who are injured will be healed and drain energy from the Station, so you need not worry about wasting energy or keeping track of when it is deployed. Doc’s skill upgrades can make the combat skills of your team stronger, and make the Doc himself more resilient.

He also has other skill upgrades that makes his Passive stronger and give the group additional benefits when they stick together.



PUPS: a small drone flies out, marking enemies for you and your fireteam by giving them a red outline, as well as reducing their damage by 20%.

Support Drone: Place a drone, which then creates an aura. Inside the aura, allies and the Recon will be given a clip of ammo periodically, have their accuracy and stability increased by 20%, and gain 10 health per kill while inside the aura.


Focus: Getting 2 headshot kills within 10 seconds gives a stack of Focus. Each stack of Focus gives 10% accuracy and stability.

Recon is a class that can only be unlocked by completing the campaign, and the extreme and insane difficulty levels. A Recon’s skill set is very unique, allowing him to focus more on buffing himself or squad enhancement.

Recon has a rifle slot and a CQW slot. It is a specialized class in that his skills help to designate targets for the team and allowing them to fight for longer.

Recon has one of the highest cooldown times for all of the classes, but his skills are highly potent and specialized at what they do. An important fact about the PUPS skill is that it will mark nearby xenomorphs through all terrain.

It is a terrific way to spot prowlers without risking yourself, and it marks enemies in a full 360-degree area. Most of Recon’s skill tree is aimed to enhance his weapon output by giving bonuses to accuracy, stability, and reload.

However, he also has a few skills that focus on helping allies in trouble.

Skill Tree

Skill trees add additional modifiers to your skills and/or passive. They also provide specific weapon type bonuses for your character. You begin with two 3×2 blocks, one on each side.

An additional area is locked by the class level. The modifiers come in various shapes and sizes. You have the option to rotate them to fit as many as possible in your available area.

Abilities/modifiers linked to skill are designated by grey connecting lines. You can create multiple connections to a skill.

If there is a modifier that affects both the skills, you can’t connect it to both. The game will ask you to clarify which skill you want the modifier to solely affect. Lastly, blue perks are considered “universal”.

They are general modifiers that once unlocked, can be used on other classes as well. Green modifiers are class-specific. They have more detailed explanations on what they do or how they alter/enhance a specific skill.

Thank you for reading my guide on Classes in the game Aliens: Fireteam Elite. If you wish to clarify anything then you can leave a comment for me.

I have written some other guides on this game. You can check them out from the latest posts. I will be back soon with more guides for you. Till then have fun and take care!

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