All Knight Passive Benefits In WH 40000: Chaos Gate

This is a running list of all the passive Bonuses a Knight can earn or acquire over time, such as through promotion or “winning” a random Event in Warhammer 40000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters.

Your Knight will gain many passive benefits known as “Talents” throughout the game, which can be seen by hovering over the central capstone of the talent tree. Check them out down below.

Knight Passive Benefits In Warhammer 40000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters

There are four different ways to obtain them: Some are inherent to a class, therefore each Knight will have one passive Talent assigned to them at random.

Knights who sustained catastrophic injuries during battle will receive “Augmetics” if they recover later in the game, once you have built the Surgical unit in the Apothecarion of your ship. Finally, there are a few uncommon random Events that can provide Knights with additional Bonuses.

Class Skills

Every Class has a special bonus tailored to their preferred playstyle. The following are the eight classes:

  • Apothecary – Unlocks healing powers when equipping the Narthecium melee weapon.
  • Purgator – Psylencer, Psycannon, and Incinerator Weapons are available to him.
  • Interceptor – The Interceptor’s melee assaults cannot be parried by adversaries.
  • When utilizing the Aegis Shield ability, Justicar gains +1 extra Armour.
  • At Level 1, Chaplain gains +1 Armour and can only utilize Terminator Armour.
  • Storm Shields are available to Paladins, and they can only use Terminator Armour.
  • Purifier – Immune to hazards and can equip Psylencer, Psycannon, and Incinerator.
  • Librarian – Starts with 2 WP and can only utilize Terminator Armour at Level 1.

Fundamental Skills

Every Knight who joins your ranks will have one Talent assigned to them at random. Although some of them appear to be unrelated to the knight’s Class (looking at you, Interceptor with +10 percent Range Crit), the majority of them are useful. Here’s a rundown of the ones I’ve discovered so far:

  • Eagle Eye – +10% Range Crit Chance
  • Devoted Practitioner – Get 1 additional Ability Point at Rank 3, 5, and 9, but get -25% XP
  • Resilient – +10% Resistance
  • Provident – +1 Ammo for Ranged Weapons
  • Duelist – +10% Afflict Chance (Focus) for melee Weapons
  • Omnissiahs Chosen – Double the Effect of Augmetics
  • Skull Keeper – +1 Use for all equipped Servo Skulls
  • Quartermaster – +1 Use for all equipped Grenades
  • Fast Recovery – +2 Healing received
  • Aegis Adept – +2 Armor on Aegis Shield use
  • Throwing Arm – +5 Range for all equipped Grenades
  • Deathless – NEVER die when receiving a critical Wound, but has -2 WP
  • Indomitable – +2 Health at level 1
  • Farseer – +3 range for ranged attacks with Stormbolter
  • Venerable Soul – +1 Max WP at LVL 1
  • Cultbane – +10% Crit for all melee and ranged attacks vs Organic enemies
  • Blademaster – +5% Crit for all their melee attacks
  • Crack Shot – +2 Crit Dmg for all their ranged attacks.
  • Lightning reflexes – +10% Focus
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To provide your Knights Augmetics, you must first construct the SURGICAL UNIT on your ship, then upgrade the Apothecarion. Then, in combat, your knight must suffer a Critical Wound (go to 0 HP). They will receive Augmetics after completing the mission (and without being downed a second time).

These provide your Knight’s tiny bonuses. As far as I know, each Knight can have a maximum of 5 Augmetics and each “Slot” can have one: one for each leg, one for each arm, one for the head, and one for the torso.

Pro Tip: These can be won by “gambling.” Save the game one day before the knight’s crucial injury heals. Then reload until you find an Augmetic that is appropriate for your knight.

  • (Head) Psi-Booster – Get +1 WP
  • (Head) Augmetic Eye – Get +5% Crit Chance for ranged weapons
  • (Left Leg) Subskin Leg Armor – Get +2 Max HP
  • (Left Leg) Enhanced Knee Joint – Get +5% Focus
  • (Right leg) Augmetic Foot – Get +5% Focus
  • (Torso) Respiratory Filter – Get +5% Resistance
  • (Torso) Armor Reinforcement – Get +1 Armor
  • (Torso) Augmetic Heart – Get +1 WP
  • (Head) Cerebral Implant – Get +25% Kill-XP
  • (Right Arm) Augmetic Elbow – Get +1 Crit Damage for melee weapons
  • (Right Arm) Locomotion Augmetics – Get +5% Resistance
  • (Right Arm) Synthmuscle – Get +5% Crit Chance for melee weapons
  • (LeftArm) Muscle Casing – Get +1 Crit Damage for melee weapons
  • (LeftArm) Elbow Actuator – Get +1 Range for ranged weapons

Event Performers

On the Star Map, there are a few very uncommon Events when you can send one (or several) knights away for a period of time. They occasionally return with a significant new Talent. Because they are so rare, our list is currently quite limited:

  • Champion – Get +2 Max HP, +1 WP, +5% Crit Chance
  • Great Destiny – +2 Max HP, + 1 Max Wp, +1 dmg for melee attacks, cannot gain resilience

Final Thoughts

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