How To Complete Knife Only Run In Nightmare Of Decay

If you want to know how to complete knife only run in Nightmare of Decay do check out below. A quick overview of boss techniques and gameplay ideas to assist you in completing a Knife Only Run in the game Nightmare of Decay. 

This isn’t a step-by-step guide, but rather a broad overview of various recommendations and techniques for overcoming the Knife Only Run. Enemies, boss fights, and general game hints will be covered in this overview. 

Tips & Tricks For Completing Knife Only Run In Nightmare Of Decay

General Advice

Obtain a pellet gun.

The pellet gun is 100% usable in the knife-only run, and it comes in handy against the chainsaw mad boss. It also allows you to finish the shooting ranges for more healing goods.

Don’t bother gathering female heads.

This mission is pointless because the holy water you obtain cannot be used.

Gather healing supplies.

During this run, you will incur damage. Certain adversaries will attack you without giving you much of a chance to defend yourself. So begin by saving as many healing goods as possible.

Save Frequently

In addition to the preceding point, save frequently and reload if you receive damage that could have been avoided. Yes, it’s annoying, but you *need* healing supplies for the game’s last sector.

Take advantage of enemy resetting

When you exit an area, all of the opponents in that room will re-spawn at their original locations. This is highly useful for picking up goods or eliminating adversaries one at a time while staying out of the way of other players.

Slay zombies

Some of you may have done knife-only runs in other games, instilling in you the desire to “run past everything.” Ignore that compulsion. Zombies are fairly easy to kill in a one-on-one situation if you have enough room to back up while stabbing.

This is advised because zombies can easily capture you in this game and deal a lot of damage in comparison to other foes. Zombies are frequently placed in tight corridors, making avoiding them more difficult than destroying them.

Stay away from other enemies/zombie hordes

As opposed to the previous point. Stay away from every other enemy in the game, as well as groups of zombies. Fortunately, zombie hordes are found in larger rooms and may simply be run past or led away from anything you require.

How To Deal With Enemies in General

I’ll start by saying that I don’t know the official names of the adversaries and will update them if/when such information becomes available. Here’s a list of generic adversaries you’ll see in the main game on a normal level, as well as how to deal with them:

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Stagger them. If you can defeat a zombie in a one-on-one battle, do so. With the proper spacing, they can be readily killed with the knife. Because the zombie can close the distance on you while stabbing, stop stabbing after 1 or 2 stabs and continue to back away to recoup distance before stabbing again. They’ll die quickly enough.


Avoid. Dogs are super swift and quite unpleasant. They deal minimal damage, though, so you can easily take many blows.


AVOID. While praying to whatever deity you believe in, run and do whatever you need to do as quickly as possible. These men are going to annihilate you.


Avoid. These critters are silent, quick, and deliver a lot of damage. Fortunately, they’re only at one location.

Murlocks/monsters who move quickly

On normal, these only appear in one location: the Monstrous Beast’s lair. You must eliminate them. You will suffer hits, but they are relatively weak and will die after about 5 stabs.


Avoid. You can simply outrun them and outpace their attacks by running faster. Keep an eye on your stamina.


Avoid. The game only has one, and it’s in the cellar. You can easily outrun it, but the cellar is a difficult place to navigate, as I shall explain later.


Kill it. It only appears in the final boss arena and must be defeated. All you can do is stab away while drinking healthy drinks. Avoiding it will almost certainly cost you more health than tackling it.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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