Battlefield 5 (BF5) – How To Report Hackers/Cheaters Guide

Battlefield 5 (BF5/BFV) is a first-person shooter, competitive game with its latest addition called the Firestorm. It’s just like other battle royale games with a lot of cool features. Competitiveness in such games can be on the high and killing opponents becomes ever so important.

How To Report Cheats/Hackers in BF5

Some people push this competitiveness too far by using cheats/hacks or some system glitches to gain the upper hand in the game.

This can be a letdown for the real grinders who want to improve their shooting and communication skills in such games. So to tackle this let us take a look at how to do it.

Process 1

In origin, open the chat window, and click on the add friend button as shown below :

In the search for friends, type the name of the suspected cheater and click search :

It will bring a list of matching IDs. Select the name of the suspect.

Click the little arrow next to send a Friend Request :

Select Report user :

fill in the details:

Process 2

With the origin in-game overlay turned on, you can select them from the scoreboard, the origin will open the profile and go straight to the steps mentioned above and you will be able to report the potential hacker/cheater quicker.

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Here is what EA has to say about BFV Cheaters

Playing Battlefield™ V should always be a fair experience. We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to cheating and the anti-cheat team here at DICE is constantly working towards identifying and banning players who use hacks to ruin the experience for honest players.

We’d like to answer some of the most asked questions on this topic and detail how we’re working tirelessly to create a safe, secure environment for the community.

What are the top five things DICE is doing to prevent cheating in Battlefield V?

  1.  Working on better prevention, hardening the PC client against exploits.
  2. Scaling up detection efforts.
  3. Investigating supplementary deterrence methods that can work alongside banning accounts.
  4. Investigating methods of improving the reporting flow, including easier reporting.
  5. Keeping up to date with the latest cheat developments and reacting to them in a faster and leaner manner.

How are you identifying cheaters in Battlefield V?

We use a combination of in-game and server technology, such as FairFight, along with information from external websites, player reporting, and social channels.

Having worked on anti-cheat for a long time, we have the knowledge combined with a refined set of procedures to identify cheating. However, finding the cheaters’ unique identifiers and issuing bans based on them is not a silver bullet.

Cheat developers work tirelessly to get around these methods, which creates a cat-and-mouse game in which we constantly need to be vigilant.

How are confirmed cheaters being punished?

After the launch of Battlefield V last year, all bans for cheating in the game are now permanent. No more one-week suspensions.

We can’t guarantee that cheaters won’t come back using new accounts, though. Players will be banned as soon as we reliably detect them and will be removed from the active game if need be.

These are the only two methods I could find so far. If you have some additions to make to this list, feel free to comment down below. Here is a direct link to contact EA and Battlefield devs for a report [Link]. Thanks for reading.

Last Updated on January 2, 2024

9 thoughts on “Battlefield 5 (BF5) – How To Report Hackers/Cheaters Guide”

  1. how can i report a cheater if they have private on i can’t report here his gamertag XGO _SILENT _PETE i know this player has aimbot hack

    1. The reporting system for origin is very restricted. In the case, if a cheater makes profile private, there is no way of directly reporting! you can maybe write to their support stating the origin name for reference. This is, again, a limitation of Origin Launcher in general.

  2. Report cheaters procedure is plain stupid in BF5 . The number of cheaters on servers is ridiculous . To me It’s obvious nobody cares about it.

    1. WORD!!!
      Leaving server due to cheating player, only to join different server with another aimbot protocol having 52:1 within the first 2 minutes…
      No fun

  3. By now EA has our money and doesn’t car anymore. BFV isn’t being developed anymore so I doubt they will even look into suspected cheating reports going forward. As long as they keep releasing new versions and people are buying them the cycle will continue. Maybe if they allowed real modding for players to make content for their games their popularity would last more than a year or two.

    1. Yes, it´s a shame, you can play on 5 servers, and minimum on two are cheaters. You dont get an reply, like thnx, we have banned him or not .. nothing. Pls be want punkbuster back and ouir own servers, where we can throwe them out. and by the way autobalancing! every process which worked fine in the past is not included in bf5. it´s a shame and yes. If the next one is a f* like this, it was the last one. Very disapointing. No fun to play.

  4. The GM must do something before all the hacker spoil the game, with speed and aim bot on scoring 290plus kill with no dead.

    hacker (juffBroadbent)

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