Cult Of The Lamb: How To Unlock The Axolotl Follower Form

Fans of Cult of the Lamb are spread far and wide around the world. I am among them, and there is a lot to love in many aspects.

The power to mold your cult in your own image, and garner a loyal Following is something that stands out. You also have the power of Sacrificing and Resurrecting members of your crew.

However, another very cool feature I found is the different Follower Forms. There are many of them that you can collect in order to achieve full 100% and earn the Full Flock Achievement.

One of the forms in the list is the Axolotl Form, which you can struggle to find at times. Fret not as I have listed down the method of acquiring this form in the game.

Cult of the Lamb - Lighthouse

Cult of the Lamb: Meeting the Axolotl leader

I discovered the way to get the Axolotl Follower Form pretty early into the game. In fact, it is part of the first Crusades itself, and I have listed the steps which will help you in gaining the form:

  • The Crusades of Darkwood is where you will meet an NPC called the Fisherman
  • After touting fishing lessons, you and he will go to Pilgrim’s Passage
  • Having got the area unlocked, I went back to the Cult where you can use the warping pad which will transport players back to the location
  • Go down to the docks and take a left to reach the Lighthouse
  • A cult with an Axolotl leader is present, but the Lighthouse has stopped giving light
  • Simply put some logs in the firepit to turn it on, which puts it to the first part of the unlocking.
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Cult of the Lamb - Axolotl Follower Form

Cult of the Lamb: Unlocking the Axolotl Follower Form

I was confused after finishing off the previous stage as it was not the end of the quest. That is because the next step requires unlocking level three. Here’s how to go about it:

  • You will have to finish off the next two Crusades which lands you in Anchordeep
  • Now, return to the Lighthouse and meet the Axolotl who wants you to get 25 Crystal Shards
  • The Shards are only available in Anchordeep, which is why I advise unlocking that level beforehand
  • Traverse through Anchordeep and you will find Crystal, which can be turned into Shards
  • Once you have 25 of them, return to Axolotl via the warp passage and you will be rewarded with the Axolotl Follower Form.

Thus, that is all I have for you today in terms of gaining the Axolotl Follower Form. It is not an easy task, especially visiting the place again which will eat up time. However, it is something that you can definitely attempt for achievement.

Last Updated on August 23, 2022

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